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The Kenwood Family’s Oldest Son, Curtis (Age: 20)

“I’m tired~” Finn mumbles, yawning and stretching his arms up over his head.

He’s younger than us so he’s in a different class, but due to his excellent marks, he’s able to participate in our extracurricular lessons.

And it isn’t only Finn.

Henry is here, too.

Though, it’s just Henry.

He and Alan may share a face, but they don’t seem to share a brain, as Alan wasn’t smart enough to make the cut.

It’s the same with Eric.

While he may be quite intelligent, he can’t match up to Henry or Finn, so he’s absent as well.

Finn looks over at me and then smiles broadly.

The sunlight reflecting off his blond hair makes it seem even more dazzling than usual.

When this guy looks at me like this, that usually means he wants something from me.

Just looking at his face, you might mistakenly think he’d be the most genuine, angelic kid in our group, but I feel like that just makes him the most two-faced out of us.

I could be over-thinking things, but I think he knows how his looks can affect people.

And I have this feeling that he uses that to get anything and everything he could possibly want.

“Let’s go eat something~”

“Just us Two guys”

“……You need to learn some moderation.

Keep playing with girls like that, and you’re going to get stabbed one of these days,” Finn says like he’s fed up, shooting me a light glare.

I may like girls, but he’s right.

It’s tiring to always have them around.

And I’m not the type who can devote my love to just one girl.

“Duke’s really something.”

At my words, Finn gives a huge nod of his head.



It’s my turn to nod, and then the two of us set off towards the dining hall.

When we get there, Alicia and Gilles are standing in front of the dining hall’s doors.

One of the doors is slightly ajar with the two of them sneaking glances inside.

“Alicia’s playing hooky,” Finn jokes, amused.

“Even though she doesn’t look the type,” I add.

Alicia’s expression is fast growing dark.

Is there something going on in the cafeteria

“Did you see that glint of light Was that a knife” Finn asks, not taking his eyes off the two.

It looked like Gilles gave her something just now.

“Ali-chan uses knives”

“Don’t look at me.

Your guess’s as good as mine,” Finn replies, shrugging.

We draw closer to the cafeteria, trying to get a better look at whatever the two are doing.

Hmm, come to think of it, I wonder what Finn thinks of Alicia.

I don’t get the feeling that he has any particular fondness for Liz….

But it doesn’t seem like he’s completely on Alicia’s side either.

“What Is there something on my face”


It’s nothing.”

I ended up staring at Finn by accident.


Over there.”

Paying me no mind, Finn points a finger in Alicia and Gilles’s direction.

Alicia is now standing in front of a group of three girls and glaring fixatedly at them.

……What terrifying bloodlust.

I can feel it all the way from here.

Don’t tell me she’s really planning to do something with that knife

“What are you doing here!” one of the girls demands loudly.

“Appearing out of nowhere like that is so creepy…..”

“Don’t tell me you’ve been eavesdropping this whole time” sneer the other two.

Alicia listens to the three silently.

What could they possibly have been talking about to make Alicia that angry It would have to be something pretty bad to make her livid like that.

“Wait, do think… Emma must have said something!!”

“You think she betrayed Liz-Sama Ugh, she really is such a b*tch.”

“A whore like that needs to be run out of this academy.”

Emma If memory serves, wasn’t she one of the girls that idolizes Liz…

The girls’ insults are getting more colorful by the second.

Their abusive comments hardly seem the sort befitting of aristocrats.

Yet Alicia’s just letting them talk on without saying anything.

…..Even I feel like they’re going to far.

Why isn’t she stopping them Though, it’s not like she has any reason to prevent them from slandering Emma.

“Why are you just standing there Huh Cat got your tongue”

“Come on~ Say something! What You too scared~”

Two of them mock, stepping towards Alicia and giggling behind upraised hands.

However, Alicia doesn’t react in the slightest.

She doesn’t say anything, she doesn’t move, doesn’t glare.

What’s going on with her If she didn’t go in there to stop them, why go in at all….

I throw a questioning glance over at Finn.

He just tilts his head a bit to the side and shrugs.

Apparently he understands Alicia’s actions about as much as I do.

“She’s really not saying anything,” complains one of the girls.

“Ugh, she’s so creepy.”

“I guess the precious daughter of the Williams family really isn’t anything special.”

“Always walking around like she owns the place, but now that there’s three of us, she’s practically peeing herself!”

The girls all laugh and continue with their disparaging remarks as if Alicia wasn’t right in front of them.

It’s strange that she’s still not saying anything, even in this situation.

I take a step into the dining hall, planning to stop this travesty myself.


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