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PoV Curtis:


Alicia walked towards the courtyard without saying a word.

We followed her in silence.


Not once did we make eye contact with Alicia. 


When in the world did she realize we were here


She doesn’t seem to be using any magic, so… Presence


If Alicia knew we were here, she is definitely a top-notch assassin.


But right now, I’m more concerned about Alicia and Emma’s relationship.


“Ali-chan, can I ask you something”


At my words, Alicia stopped a little way into the courtyard.

Then she slowly turned around to look at me.


Her eyes were so sharp that I couldn’t help but to admire them. 


Normally, I would have been scared, but I was glued to her very mature expression.


“…What are you thinking about”




What I thought in my mind just leaked out.


Alicia wrinkled her brow a little and looked at me in wonder.


“No, nothing.

I just wondered what the reason was for threatening those girls earlier, is it because of Emma”


“The girls went too far.”


“What guarantee did you have that the knife wouldn’t hit them”


“Oh, are you trying to preach to me”


“Just checking.”


“…Anyways it’s already over.”


She said this after a short pause.


Saint, that’s the word that came to my mind as I looked at her.

Isn’t Alicia the real saint


She may be inferior to Liz in magic, but Alicia is superior in intelligence and physical ability.


“Emma will probably follow Alicia.”


Finn stood next to me, his expression not indicating what he was thinking.


I couldn’t tell if he was happy or angry that Emma was going to follow Alicia.


“Emma is a Liz-san devotee, remember”


“I only believe in what I see with my very own eyes, you know.”


“What are you trying to say”


“I’ve never believed that Alicia is a demon, and I think the Alicia I’ve seen is more like an angel.”


“To me, that’s the worst possible assessment.

An angel… It really sucks.”


Why does she hate being called an angel so much Normally, you’d be happy about it…


I looked at Alicia with that thought in my mind.


“Besides, Emma likes girls.”




Alicia was the only one surprised by Finn’s words.


Apparently, Gilles knew because he didn’t change his expression at what Finn had said… 


How in the world did he get such a huge amount of detailed information 


I felt fear for the boy who was much younger than me.


“So you know, I also like girls.”


“No, I mean… she’s in love with…”




Our words overlapped beautifully.


Alicia still didn’t seem to understand Finn’s words.

Well, it’s certainly a pretty shocking fact.

There must be very few people who know about it.


“Maybe Emma’s already fallen for Ali-chan~”


“I didn’t do anything to cause that.”


I could hear the slight agitation in Alicia’s voice as she said this.


“I think Emma has fallen for Alicia.”


Gilles said with a serious look on his face, deliberately trying to make Alicia feel uneasy.


“You know, when you’re around Alicia, no matter how much you want to avoid it, you’re going to feel her charm.”


Gilles said with a slightly sarcastic smile plastered on his face.


Indeed, that’s true.

It’s harder not to find her attractive.

Even if you think she’s a bad person, you’re still going to be attracted to her.


Even though she is the opposite of Liz, Alicia is more attractive.


“If it was Liz, she would have either called the girls up where Emma was and forced them to make up, or she would have defended Emma.

Well, that’s just speculation on my part.”


“Liz Cather is everyone’s hero, so she should at least be able to do that.”


“I think the real hero is the one who’s threatening the culprit without Emma’s knowledge, though.”


“I’m sure Liz Cather wants everyone to see her clean heart, so she’ll probably say many nice things after she gets a crowd.”


“You two are so close.”


“We just agree about Liz Cather, that’s all.”


…Liz is being treated badly.

It’s not that I’m taking Liz’s side, but both Finn and Gilles are saying some pretty harsh things with their pretty faces.


I mean, for the first time, I understood what Finn was thinking.

I had a feeling that Finn was on Alicia’s side, but I had no idea that he was actually on her side.

I feel like only the brilliant ones are on Alicia’s side.


…I guess it’s only natural that talented people flock together with other talented people.


I wonder how many of the Liz people will turn to Alicia.

It’s getting pretty interesting.

As an outsider, I’ll have to wait and see what happens next.


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