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PoV Alicia


“It seems that there are very few people in the Ravaal Kingdom who can use magic.” 


The words of a female student kept ringing in my ears as I made my way to Duke-sama’s place.


…Ravaal is a big country, right And yet, how come there are so few people who can use magic I don’t fully understand the current state of this world.

It seems that instead of focusing solely on the past, it would be better to consider the present and future situations as well.


“Hey, Gilles, I wonder how many people in the Ravaal Kingdom can use magic.” (Alicia)


“… I’ve never actually been to the Ravaal Kingdom, so I don’t know, but I’m sure it’s not many.” (Gilles)


“Why” (Alicia)


Gilles’ pupils dilated at my words.


“Why… it’s just that kind of country.” (Gilles)


“You mean some nobles of the Ravaal Kingdom can’t use magic, right” (Alicia)


“I’d say most of the nobles there can’t use magic.” (Gilles)


It seemed obvious to Gilles.


If most nobles there can’t use magic, does that mean only the royal family of Ravaal is capable of using magic But that would be far too few.


“Alicia was the one who advised us to always look at the world objectively.

The Kingdom of Duelkis has always had more people who can use magic than any other country.

It’s not that the Ravaal Kingdom has too few, it’s just that there’s too many in this Kingdom.”


“So in other countries, people who can use magic are rare and therefore valuable.” (Alicia)


“That’s what I believe.” (Gilles)


…If we want to take Ravaal under our wing, we will need to know what’s going on inside that country.


We don’t have time to dwell on this.

We need to get to the Ravaal Kingdom as soon as possible.


“Alicia, Duke’s here.” (Gilles)


Gilles’ words brought me back to my senses.

I could see the prince walking towards me with a terrifying aura from the far end of the hallway.


… Ah, that’s right.

I had entirely forgotten why I was here.


I’ve been so absorbed in making plans on how to be exiled to the Ravaal Kingdom.


“Come to think of it, I wonder why I was looking for Duke-sama…” (Alicia)


“Huh What are you talking about, Alicia” (Gilles)


Gilles said with a look of utter dismay on his face.


There were too many things that had to be taken care of before I could meet Duke-sama.

It had taken me a long time to solve all the problems that were right in front of my eyes, you know


“Alicia can be such an idiot at times….

Was it not your intention to apologize to Duke”


Oh! Oh, that’s right, I have to apologize to Duke-sama.


“Why was it again…” (Alicia)


I said, and Gilles let out the loudest sigh I’d ever heard.


“Who was it that said something like my heart can be swayed by other men, but never by Duke” (Gilles)


… I remember.

I wish you all could have taken that as a joke.


Well, it was my fault.

I owe him an apology.

Righteous Flower of Evil:

It’s okay, Alicia! I forgot too XD Let’s be honest, how many of us actually remembered why she was looking for Duke Yeah, sure, partly my fault for taking so long… but also shiny knives getting thrown at people’s heads is much more fun~


And am I the only one exasperated that Alicia can’t learn about Ravaal’s current affairs without actually going there I know the Duelkis government sucks, but they don’t even have any intel on their neighbors aside from history books! How does this kingdom still exist! Sure, they’ve got magic.

But that just means they have even less excuse for their lack of information!


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