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Duke-sama approached me with a dignified and solemn expression.


He somehow feels like a different person…Am I thinking too much


“I need to talk to…”


Duke-sama walked past me silently as soon as I said that.


…He didn’t even make eye contact with me.




Gilles let out a gasp at Duke-sama’s behavior.

I was so taken aback that I was unable to respond.


I never thought I’d see the day when Duke-sama would ignore me…




I turned around and called out to Duke-sama, and he slowly came to a halt.


…There was something that was definitely was not right about him…


I felt a strange tension in the air as Duke moved his head slowly towards me.His eyes didn’t have the same kind gaze that they always did when he looked at me.


I wonder if he was really upset about something that I did.


“What do you want”


.Duke’s stare was so frigid that it sent shivers up my spine.


I had never seen such an expression on Duke-sama’s face before in my life.

It was full of hostility.




Neither Gilles nor I were able to say anything.


” Is there anything I can do for you”


Duke-sama said in a low voice once again, and I froze under Duke-sama’s pressure.


I would have said something back in retort if I were a bad girl, but with Duke-sama glaring at me, I felt like running away. 


“What are you doing”


A familiar voice rang in my ears.

My heart felt relieved the moment I heard that voice.


…The bond between siblings is simply wonderful.


“Henry, huh This woman just came out of nowhere to speak with me.”




Big Brother Henry frowned at Duke-sama’s words.


…What did you just say


“Duke, what are you talking about”


“Do you know this person”


Duke-sama said that with a brief glance at me, and Big Brother Henry paused in his tracks at Duke-sama’s unexpected remarks.


“Did you forget about Alicia and me”


Gilles muttered, his eyes widening.


“You’re Gilles, aren’t you”


Duke-sama said with a questioning look on his face.


I wish I could give that look right back.

How could he be aware of Gilles but not of me


“What about Alicia”


“Alicia who”


Duke-sama said, wrinkling his brow.

Oh my, I think Duke has seriously forgotten about me.


Well, it’s an otome game world…


“I guess that can happen, right”


“No, it can’t.

I mean, why are you so calm”


“Ali’s mental state is incredible, right”


“It’s not a matter of mental strength, is it”


Gilles said, looking dumbfounded.


…How could he have forgotten about me It’s just too sudden.


“It’s too unnatural.”


“Maybe someone erased memories about Alicia from the Duke’s head.”


“Who would do that”


I don’t know, but…


I’m sure it’ll come back.


“If it was intentionally erased, it might not come back.”


I froze at Gilles’ words.

I wonder what will happen if the memories never return.


“Can I leave now if you don’t need me”


Duke-sama said that with a troubled expression on his face.


As I recall, I had seen a look similar to this in the previous life…He used to make this expression towards Alicia.

So, with Duke-sama’s memory gone, the game is proceeding as planned, right


If this keeps up, I’m sure we’ll be able to get Liz and Duke-sama together without any problems.

I’m a villainess.

I can make a new impression on Duke-sama now that I’ve been completely erased from his memory.


“Duke-sama, allow me to introduce myself, I am Alicia, the eldest daughter of the Williams family.”


I said, lightly pinching the edge of my skirt and bowing at an angle of forty-five degrees.


Righteous Flower of Evil:


I don’t know how to feel about this.

On the one hand, I’m kind of excited.

It felt a little like Duke was holding Alicia back from reaching her true villainess potential! But on the other hand…I’m almost scared to find out how he lost his memory XD Liz feels like the obvious culprit, but I doubt it was actually her….


What do you guys think Who do you think did it A flower-headed dunce’s lackey in the broom closet with a brick


I may not know how to feel about the development itself, but I can say I’m stoked to see how Duke reacts to Alicia’s self-introduction! I can’t wait for the next chapter!


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