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The brilliant sun shines down on me.

Sweat is slowly coming out of my forehead.


…I wonder if any young lady has ever been carried to the castle in a cage with chapped lips.

Maybe I’m the first Oh, I feel great.

I’m so happy that I can forget about this heat and thirst I’m now suffering from.


“Alicia-sama, we are almost at the castle.” (Royal Guard)


A nearby guard hushed in a soft tone.


I’ve never seen a guard speak so softly to a criminal in a cage before.

You should have been harder on me.

That’s what makes me a villainess.

Duke-sama did something a little unnecessary, too.


If the guards were walking around cursing at me, everyone in town would think I had done something wrong.

If that happened, I could have become regcognized as a villainess by the people!


Why did I always want to be a villainess Such a question suddenly crossed my mind.

Did I really want to be a villainess just to be abused by everyone Oh, I can’t think well in the heat.


“Hey, why is that princess in there ” (Random Townsfolk)


“She’s not a princess, you know.

Besides, the reason she’s in there is because…” (Random Townsfolk)


A conversation between a parent and a child was suddenly overheard.

The mother muffled her words at the little girl’s question.


“There’s a beautiful woman in the cage.” (Random Townsfolk Child)


“Oh, is that Alicia-sama from the Williams family” (Random Townsfolk)


“Those lustrous eyes, I wish I could stare into those eyes.” (Random Townsfolk)


“What the hell did she do ” (Random Townsfolk)


“I heard a rumor that Alicia-sama is behaving very poorly at school.” (Random Townsfolk)


“Oh, I heard that too.

I’ve heard that she’s bullying Liz-chan.” (Random Townsfolk)


Now! Guards! Abuse me! Even if I wished in my heart that I could do that, it wouldn’t happen because of Duke-sama before he lost his memory.

Besides, I’d sound like a masochist if I said that line out loud.


Liz-san grew up in this town, didn’t she Everyone is on Liz-san’s side.

They don’t have the slightest right to defend me.


“I wish I could also be in that cage.” (Random Townsfolk Child)


I heard a young girl’s voice clearly and distinctly in the midst of the noise.

I hurriedly looked in the direction where I heard the voice.


“Hey, what are you talking about We’re leaving now.” (Random Townsfolk Mother)


The little girl later protested in panic, and her mother was trying to pull her by the arm to take her away.

Still, the girl’s eyes glisten as she stares at me.


“Because she’s very charming.” (Random Townsfolk Child)


The girl squealed to her mother in a high-pitched voice.


…Charming Are you saying that a caged Lady is charming… Ah, yes, that’s what I’ve been longing for as a villainess.

A dignified and charming villainess with a strong and scary beauty, but with a core of sadness and loneliness.

That’s what I’ve wanted to be since I was a little girl.

I don’t know why I was so lost a moment earlier.

It must have been due to the heat.


That girl said I was attractive, didn’t she Does that mean I’m still attractive even when I’m in a cage I’ve finally reached that level of villainy.

It’s a wonderful accomplishment.


“Please don’t be offended by the voices of the townspeople.” (Royal Guard)


The guard turned to me and whispered quietly in a voice that no one could hear.


Offended Rather the opposite.

I’m a villainess.

I don’t care if someone says bad things about me.


“There’s nothing wrong with that.

It’s wonderful that they can express their opinions without hesitation.” (Alicia)


I said and straightened my back.

As a villainess, you have to stand tall at all times! I was exhausted from the heat, but now I’m in the spotlight, right I cannot show a weak appearance.

I want to be recognized as “The villainess who has never been seen in a weakened state”.


With this in mind, I kept my posture and expression unchanged, no matter how thirsty or hot I was, until I reached the castle.


Righteous Flower of Evil:

She danced around that little question we’ve all been wondering about.

What exactly is with her fascination for becoming a villainess And yet we were thwarted again TT Stupid heat!!!! 

On a side note, do we think the little girl is going to become a significant character at some point I don’t think any of us would object to having a cute fangirl for our cute Alicia, right Or better yet, a cute, diabolical  fangirl!!!


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