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PoV: Gilles


Liz Cather’s words left Alicia speechless.

It must have been something she didn’t expect.


I’m at a loss for words, too.


“What do you mean…”


Alicia is talking in her usual way.


“Exile would be too much of a punishment.”


“This time, it’s a murder charge as well… I mean, it’s funny for me to say this, but erasing the memory of the prince of a country is quite a big deal, you know”


“But you’re still my dear friend.”


However, Alicia gave her a blank look, as if to say, when did she become her friend


Why was everyone being fooled by Liz Cather


“…Liz, you’re just a commoner, right I don’t think you’ll be able to change the decision that Duke has made.”


Alicia said with a straight face as she calmed down.


“Why not Me and Duke…”


“Hmm, Friends”


Alicia interjected with a sneer.


“If you’re saying that you’re friends, then how can you, a mere commoner, even interfere in the edicts of a prince”


“It’s not like that… I’m just doing it for Alicia-chan.”


“For me Don’t make me laugh.

You may be a great person, Liz.

But don’t get too carried away with the idea that you can do anything.”


I know it sounds strange to say this, but for some reason I like the way Alicia looks at her…cold and contemptuous.


Normally, Albert and the others would say something to chime in, but this time the atmosphere was tense, and they remained quiet.

…It would be interesting if Liz Cather’s brainwashing wore off like this.


“Aren’t you the one actually getting carried away, Alicia-chan”


Alicia’s eyes widened for a moment, but she quickly grinned.


She hadn’t expected Liz Cather to respond like that.

Maybe she was starting to change under Alicia’s influence.


“Do you think so”


“Isn’t this the reason why you ended up in this mess right now You’re getting greedier and greedier.

As soon as you get one thing, you immediately start wanting more and more.

That in itself is the scariest part.

When you were thirteen, they allowed you special early admission into the academy, and next thing you know, you’re already planning to rule the school.”


“… She certainly has a point there,” I admit.

I was irritated by that.

On the contrary, ruling the school would be too small of a scale.

She’s not the kind of woman who would stop at just that.

She’s capable of ruling the world.

Besides… that example is too confusing.

Are we really going to be okay with this sort of woman as the saint This White Angel-san


“What’s wrong with that”


Liz Cather froze at Alicia’s words.


I love this moment, the feeling of Alicia crushing Liz Cather’s flowery brain.


“I think it’s a good thing that there’s no limit to greed.

Ambition is what allows you to crawl upward.

Greed is the most important thing a person can have when they’re growing up.”


“…And the greater that ambition, the more of a dictator you become.”


Liz Cather muttered quietly after taking a deep breath once, perhaps a little impatient with her words.

She always speaks in a polite and gentle tone.

There’s something about the way she speaks that grabs people’s hearts.

It was to be expected of a saint.


“That’s the problem of becoming a ruler, isn’t it The moment when you gain authority to rule over something, your greed would morph into an insanity; an obsession.

Whether it be as leader of a small group, or a village chief, or a king…” (Alicia)


“Greed controls people, you know.

That is what makes humans think they are special.” (Liz Cather)


“…You’ve changed, Liz-san, to be able to speak like that.” (Alicia)


I wonder if it’s because of the monitoring we do, but she must be thinking that in her mind.


“I’ve known some very intelligent and wonderful leaders.

…As far as I’m concerned, greed is a weapon that can be used to protect people if it’s not abused in the wrong way.” 


From Alicia’s tone of voice, she must have been talking about Gramps.


Liz Cather immediately clammed up at Alicia’s rebuke.


“Anyone who stands on top must be able to see and understand what is below them.

Those who fail to do so and are too greedy end up becoming dictators, while those who try to see it from below are less greedy become good rulers.

Do you understand” (Alicia)


Alicia grinned by lifting the edge of her mouth lightly as if to mock Liz Cather.


The look on her face made me shiver.

I knew Alicia was the only one for me.


“And don’t worry, tyrants won’t last long.” (Alicia)


“…Just like Alicia-chan.” (Liz Cather)


“I’ll take that as a compliment.” (Alicia)


Alicia smiled at Liz Cather, and I found myself surprised not because of how Alicia reacted, but to the reaction of Liz Cather herself.


She was completely hostile towards Alicia.

I’ve been through a lot in my life, but I’ve never seen such hostility towards Alicia.

In fact, she had been always trying to persuade Alicia.


…Duke, huh Was her hostility born out of jealousy that the man she liked preferred another woman instead I don’t know what a maiden’s heart is like, but if it can change a person, it can be quite frightening.


“Alicia-chan, once you realize how fortunate you are, you’ll realize how privileged you have become.”


“Oh, so you mean one day Liz will let me come back to this country”



I’ll never abandon my friends.”


Liz Cather’s expression returned to her usual one.

The look of a pure girl.


It’s annoying how she imposes her ego on others.

I looked at her as I thought to myself.


Righteous Flower of Evil:

I’m actually kind of proud of Liz.

She really is changing.

She actually recognizes now that the world isn’t all full of butterflies and rainbows! Though, she still can’t handle hearing differing opinions very well.

Not that Alicia is really much better in that department! XD


While I’m proud of this character development, though, I can’t help but think it took a weird turn.

She’s worried about Alicia one moment, the next she’s calling her a dictator and showing obvious hatred for her (at least obvious to Gilles).

Feels a bit odd….

Wouldn’t it be cool if she wasn’t actually trying to “save” Alicia, but rather she was in on the plot with Ravaal and was trying to prevent her from going there and thwarting their schemes


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