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Alicia, The Eldest Daughter of the Williams family


Since being reincarnated into this world, this is the most excited that I’ve ever been.


Can you believe that I’m finally going to the Ravaal Kingdom I mean, would you believe it To be able to go to the Ravaal Kingdom, which was originally said to be impossible to access, is like a dream come true!


…I don’t like the idea of riding in a carriage, though.

Maybe Duke-sama made sure that I wouldn’t be harmed any further by having me in a carriage, but honestly, I’m glad I’m still in a cage.

That way, I could become more like a villainess.


I wonder if my life over there will be spent living in prison…


“That would be interesting.”


I found my mouth unconsciously slackened.


The problem is, I have to make sure that no one knows that I’m a young lady.

…But there’s no normal young lady with one eye missing, so I guess they won’t find out.


As I was absentmindedly thinking about this, the carriage suddenly came to an abrupt halt and I was thrown forward.


Thanks to my regular training, I was able to stop myself before I hit my face.

An ordinary young lady would have her head slammed into the carriage wall for sure. 


What happened Did I run over someone Did some bandits show up


I was about to look out the window of the carriage to see what was going on when the door opened violently.




What came into my sight was Duke-sama, his hair slightly disheveled, a bit of sweat on his forehead, and out of breath.


…It was rare to see the cool Duke-sama looking like this.


Did he forget to tell me something It must be important since he’s in such a hurry, right


The horse that Duke-sama was riding also looked a bit tired.


I wonder what kind of road he took to get here.




Just as I was about to say something, Duke-sama’s hand quickly went around my neck, and before I knew it, his soft, warm lips were already pressed against mine.


Before I had time to be surprised, my eyes went wide awake, and my thoughts came to a halt.

I felt like I was drowning in that forceful yet gentle kiss.


I hadn’t expected my first kiss to be taken away so easily.


Duke-sama’s lips gently parted.

Surprised, more than embarrassed, I just stared at him.


“I guess it’s too early to kiss a child.”


Duke-sama smiled wickedly as he looked at my face.


Oh, Duke-sama was that kind of person.

I had completely forgotten that he was a prince who looked cool but had a rather crooked personality.


Well, I knew that he wasn’t the kind of prince who would come to tell me he loved me when we parted.

He just came to tease me


Even if that’s the case, since he kissed me, I think it’s safe to say that he misses me at least a little.


Hmmm, but it’s still frustrating to be left on the receiving end.


I put both of my hands around Duke-sama’s neck and smiled bewitchingly, as if our noses were about to touch.


“The prince’s favor is well-earned.”


Duke-sama’s eyes widened for a moment, and then quickly broke into a smirk.

I could feel my heart tighten as much as I could at that smirk.


“You’re a cheeky little princess, aren’t you”


I’m not a princess, I’m a young lady… Since when on earth am I supposed to be married to a prince


“Prince, we must be on our way.”


I hear the slightly awkward voice of the guards.

At the same time, I took my hands off of Duke-sama’s neck.


Oh, well, you’ve shown your true colors in front of the guards, is that okay


The prince was supposed to have amnesia, right Moreover, it’s not good that he slipped out of the castle and kissed a criminal…


I glanced at the guard’s face.


…He seems to be one of Duke-sama’s loyal retainers who was there when I was put in the caged carriage.


“You take care of the rest.”


He nodded deeply with serious eyes at Duke-sama’s words.


Apparently, he knew the truth about everything.

I see, that’s quite reassuring.


Duke-sama is a man of few flaws.

Everything he did was perfectly executed.


…Was it because I was involved Well, let’s not get carried away.


“Don’t look away from me in favor of other men.”


Duke-sama grabbed my head with one hand and grinned at me, but his eyes were serious.


“As long as I don’t lose sight of my purpose in my trip to the Ravaal Kingdom, there’s no way I’m going to let someone else distract me.”


I replied with a big smile, brushed off Duke-sama’s hand, and gently closed the carriage door.


It’s not the last time we’ll be together, and it’s not a bad way to say goodbye.


With that thought in mind, I got rocked again by the traveling carriage.


Righteous Flower of Evil:

I was not expecting that lol.

Was a bit forceful, a bit rushed, but I can’t say I hated it haha.

Since Alicia clearly didn’t mind all that much, I’d say it was a good development! A fun send off! Though the line about kissing a child was… no.

Just no.


^^’ There were so many things he could have said, and that is what he went with I’m kind of scared to know what he’d use as a pick up line now.


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