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The guard handed me the clothes he had gotten from the carriage door so that he would not see me, and a jar of mud and charcoal respectively.


I can’t believe how quickly he got them after the carriage was stopped… and the clothes are in splendid tatters and filth! These are exactly the clothes I had in mind.


Duke-sama’s subjects were excellent.

To be honest, I still wonder what Duke-sama was trying to do….


His actions make it seem like he wants to destroy his own country.


“Alicia-sama, is it safe to proceed with the carriage”


“It’s alright.”


I replied immediately to the guard’s words.


Changing clothes in a moving carriage would be a piece of cake.

I had a strong core, so I wouldn’t be defeated by the movement of the carriage in the slightest.


Well, if the carriage suddenly stopped when it was moving, I might fall forward.


As I was thinking about this, I finished changing in a flash.


I don’t have a mirror, so I can’t see myself, but I think I look pretty terrible.

No one would think I was a noble.


On top of that, I smeared more mud and charcoal from the bottle.

I also smeared a lot of charcoal on the cloth wrapped around my eyes.

And, of course, on my face and arms.

My beautiful white arms were getting rougher and rougher.


I spilt some of the charcoal on the seat, but it’s okay, I guess.

The king is rich, so he’ll probably replace it easily.


When I saw my reflection in the window of the carriage, I couldn’t help but squeal, “Oh!”.


I felt like I had done a great job of portraying a poor orphan.


…And then there’s the hair! If everything else was dirty, I would feel uncomfortable with this shiny black hair.


I hurriedly applied charcoal to my head and scratched my head roughly.

It was getting crumpled up beautifully.


The effect of charcoal is amazing.

I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to get their hair shaggy.


“We’re here.”


I felt the carriage stop at the same time as the voice.


Several hours after leaving the castle, we finally arrived at the border.

The thought of having to travel within the Ravaal Kingdom from now on made me feel overwhelmed.


I’m not sure if the distance is too far or too close.

I really appreciate the convenience of planes and trains.


Now that I think about it, the transportation I had in my previous life was great.

It’s only when you lose them that you realize their value.

Inventors are so great, aren’t they


As I opened the door of the carriage, I thanked the great inventors of my previous life.


“Eh, Alicia-sama…”


The guards froze, their eyes wide at my outfit.

Even though they knew I was going to be wearing a raggedy robe, I guess they never imagined that I would transform so drastically.


The guards stared at me in utter amazement.


I love it! That reaction! It’s always fun to see people’s surprised reactions.


“You’re Alicia-sama, aren’t you”


“You’d be in big trouble if it wasn’t me.”


Well, I could always send someone else to the Ravaal Kingdom to take my place.

…That’s what a villainess would probably do.


But in my case, I wanted to be exiled.

I would never need a substitute.


The guards were surprised, but they handcuffed me and walked towards a large building at the border.


Righteous Flower of Evil:

Thank you for the advice, Alicia! I will surely remember that charcoal is just the thing for the next time I want my hair to look shaggy lol.


I wonder who is going to receive her now that she’s finally going into Ravaal


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