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“I’m not going to lose.”


I have to put on a strong front here, even if people think I’m bluffing.


“Wow, you’re all talk.”


The man places a hand on his chin and gives me a little look of interest.

I feel as if I’m being judged.


“…Well, you’re blind, but you’re still able to walk.

Why is that”


“I’m used to it.

I can sense the presence of others and walk.”


“That’s interesting.

This could be a good show.”


That’s what I’m thinking! I wait for the man’s next words to be uttered with growing hope.


“Okay, let’s switch with that one.”


The man looked at me after thinking for a moment and interjected.


Yes! Negotiations have been made! Well, it’s not really a negotiation.


“Hey, wait a minute.

You’re just a little kid.”


Excuse me, I’m fifteen years old.

I’m a little short for that, but…


“He’s the one who volunteered.

You keep your mouth shut.”


The man intimidates him with low, heavy words.


I’ll be fine.

In fact, I’m looking forward to tomorrow with the greatest anticipation right now.

For the first time in my life, I’m going to be a spectacle in an arena.

Most people don’t get to experience something like this in their lifetime.

How can I not be excited


“Manager, are you sure you want to do this What if this guy died immediately”


“Then we’ll just put the others in.”


“But we’ll have to tell them the day before the fight.”


“Look, in a world like this, it’s not uncommon for death to come unexpectedly and suddenly.”


The man said in a strong tone to suppress the guard’s words.


“I understand.

Shall I move this boy to a different cell”


“Yes, yes.

Leave that Phil guy alone.

Tomorrow, when he dies, he’ll be next.”


“Yes, sir.”


The guard said, taking out the key and opening the cell.

Telling me to “Get out”, I slowly stepped out of the cell.

I could feel Mill and Ruby’s eyes on my back and the bald guy’s murderous intent as I stepped forward.


“I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.”


The man whispered quietly in my ear, smirking and giving me a creepy smile.


The creepiness gave me chills.

…He just wants to watch me get torn to shreds.

At that moment, I intuitively understood that.


He’s just trying to make an example out of a spoiled child…


To be honest, it’s not that I don’t have a fear of lions.

Of course, I have.

I had to do my best to suppress my trembling.

I’ve never seen or fought a hungry lion before.


Besides, I can’t use magic because if I use it casually, they’ll know I’m a noble.


…But it’s something I’ll have to fight someday.

Running away now would not solve anything.


I’m going to turn this tension and fear into strength.


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