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As soon as I showed up, the whole place went silent.


What a well-coordinated force.

Why couldn’t there be at least one noisy person Well, I guess none of them thought that a child like me would show up.

Then again, to everyone else, I am just a blind boy.


No wonder they froze.


I looked around the hall.

I wonder where Duke’s mother was…


…Ah, there they are… How conspicuous.


A roofed area with luxurious chairs and food was located in the middle of the auditorium.


It was hard to tell from a distance, but it was definitely the king and queen.

Then there were people who looked like the prince, the vizier, and the guards.

They exuded such a powerful presence.


I was under the impression that the Ravaal Kingdom was devoid of magic, which meant that it had to be governed by ordinary people.


…How could that be possible


You mean the Game Developers only focused on my country


The game was good for an Otome Game, but it was a bit too generic in some parts.

I wonder if they have some kind of agenda.

Oh, but did I mention that the heroine was almost kidnapped by wolves before because she was unable to use magic in this country


…Oh, the story is too complicated.


I concentrated my consciousness on my right eye and observed them.


The king had light blond hair and bright yellow-green eyes.

The queen, on the other hand, had dark gray hair and yellow-green eyes like the king.

The princes have bright whitish blond hair, one with long hair and one with short hair.

In a way, they were balanced well.

Both of them have bright green eyes, the same color as their parents.

…I know it’s impolite to say so, but they didn’t appear to be capable of using magic.


Of course, it goes without saying that they are all extremely good-looking.

I wonder if there were rules in this world that all royalty must be good-looking.

In addition to having money, they also have perfect looks… I envy them to no end.


“How can you be okay with a kid like that!”


“You should get someone with more meat than that one! That kid will be eaten in an instant!”


You wouldn’t know if someone had enough strength or not until the fight started.


As soon as one person began shouting, everyone else began shouting in turn, as if they were taking advantage of the situation.

The earlier silence turned out to be an illusion, as everything began to get noisy once more.


I wish someone would get me some earplugs.

If they kept going like this, my eardrums might burst.


“Why didn’t you  hide in the back”


“This is no place for kids!”


I felt like they were trying to be nice to me.

Maybe they were worried about me 


“Are you lost”


The audience burst into laughter at those words.


I was a fool to think that they were worried about me.

I was nothing but entertainment for them.

I’m sure they don’t want that entertainment to be over in an instant.


Don’t worry, I’ll keep you all entertained.


“Here comes the lion!”


Suddenly, a voice rang in my ears.

I heard the sound of someone’s voice ringing in my ears, and at the same time, “Ooohhhh!” at once.


Slowly, the lion’s fence opened up.

I could sense the tension rising at the same time.


From behind the fence, a pair of wild eyes glared at me.

They appear to have come here solely to catch their prey.


“Don’t you dare run away.”


Someone shouted, but I didn’t care, I just focused on the lion in front of me.


Righteous Flower of Evil:

So it’s not necessarily that these people don’t have magical abilities, but that you can’t use magic in the Ravaal Kingdom I know Alicia was saying they don’t appear to be able to use magic, but is that something you can tell just by looking XD Then I suppose Alicia shouldn’t be able to use it either, what with all these people underestimating her.

I, for one, just hope she doesn’t win too easily lol.

I crave a good fight scene!!!


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