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“I wonder what’s going to happen now.”


This country was going crazy because of that stupid saint.

I thought while I gazed out the window.


I could only assume she was releasing some sort of unique pheromone.


…If that were the case, why are me and Duke okay with it Is it because we like Alicia too much


Alicia and Duke were smart.

I doubt that they would stay in this country indefinitely.

Even as a prince, I have a feeling that the Duke would abandon his country someday.


“Gilles, we’re going to rebuild this country.”


At his abrupt declaration, I turned to look at him.


What What did you just say We …Does that include me


His serious blue eyes almost sucked me in.

Do all women have a weakness for those eyes


“Are you serious”


“Of course I am.”


He chuckled as he said that.

The look on his face made my whole body shiver.


 “If you stir up the nobles any further, they’ll be pissed.”


“At whom”


“…Like the king.”


“I’d love to piss him off.”


“Are you a masochist”


Duke frowned at my words.


“My father is not stupid.

I’m sure he has his own opinions about things.

There are a lot of kings like him in this world.”


“What do you mean”


“I mean that the situation in this country is nothing special.

There are many countries where the disparity between rich and poor is worse than in this country.”


“There’s no point in comparing it to other countries with an even lower standard than here.”


“I guess so.

We just need to make this country better.”


I was convinced as I watched his expression at the moment that Duke would be a good king.


His attitude of never running away and facing his problems reminded me of Alicia.


…I guess we considered the king incompetent because we were good at what we did.

There were plenty of ruthless kings, crazy kings, benevolent kings, and many other kinds of kings in the world.

Although I’ve read about them in literature, I’ve never met one in real life.


When you think about it, we’re blessed that our country’s ruler isn’t a tyrant.


However, I still couldn’t forgive him for locking us up in a poor village.

I believe that locking up a dangerous individual was unavoidable, but I still think that it was the wrong method to go about it.


“I’m honored that the prince needs me.”


When I said that, he gave me a look that said, of course.


That made me incredibly happy.

It made me realize once again how valuable the place Alicia had given me was.


“We can’t do anything while Alicia is fighting in the Ravaal Kingdom, can we”




Duke patted my head with a gentle smile.


I hated it when people treated me like a child, but being stroked by him is not unpleasant at all.

In fact, it warms my heart.


“What are you going to do first”


“Bring my uncle back.”


My question was answered instantly by Duke.


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