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“…your Gramps”



We need him.”


I understand what Duke was saying, but the question was whether Gramps would leave that impoverished village.

I’m sure he’d claim everything was fine the way it was.


He couldn’t say it, but there was no one better suited to be king than him.


“There are some qualities of a king that can’t be achieved through hard work.”


“So you’re saying that the current king is no good”


“That’s what I’d say.”


Even as a prince, saying that was already a bit overboard.


“My uncle and I haven’t had much contact.

However, after speaking with him once, I have a good idea of what he’s actually like.”


Gramps was great, but Duke was equally amazing.

I guess he’s always been a good judge of character.


He was on Alicia’s side from the beginning.I believe he was so devoted to Alicia that he was able to maintain that notion.

…I couldn’t say the same for the others.


“I want to do some research on Liz’s abilities.”


“That’s what I’ve been wondering, too.”


“Duke used to be good friends with Albert, didn’t he”


“We used to be.”


“He is more into the saint than his own sister now, though.”


“…Albert wasn’t that kind of guy before.”


Duke gave him a complicated look.


Originally, Liz was the reason why the two of us, who were good friends, became estranged.

To me, it seems like she could be brainwashing them in some way.


At first I thought Albert, Alan and the others were just idiots, but I’m getting more and more suspicious of Liz.


“He acts as if he doesn’t believe he’s her older brother at times.”


“They were too much into Liz.

…To the point of being weird.”


“The worst ones are Eric, Gayle, Albert, and Alan, I guess.

Curtis, Henri, Finn, and Duke, including myself, are suspicious of or dislike Liz.

I wonder what the difference is.”


“I’m not certain whether Finn is thinking of Alicia or Liz.”


“Maybe it’s a pattern that he has the most beautiful face but the darkest heart.”


“He’s always been black-hearted.”


Duke said as if it was obvious.


…He had always been black-hearted.

Actually, he didn’t have such a reputation before, did he


I  have never talked to him much in the first place.

I have no idea what kind of person he was.


“You know how petty I am.”


“You’re talking about the times when you’ve used your good looks to win people over”


“That’s part of it, but Finn likes to look at disputes as a third party.”


“I’ve never heard of that.”


“Well, not many people know about it.”


I wasn’t going to tell anyone, but was it safe to share such information with me so easily


When you’re with other people, I guess you learn a lot of things you didn’t know before.

Well, I suppose it’s partly due to the fact that I’m with Duke.


I was with Alicia all this time, so it’s kind of refreshing.


“I’m curious about one thing.”




“When are you going to stop pretending that you have amnesia”


He was frozen for a moment at my question, but then he quickly laughed.


“Well, I hadn’t really thought about that.”


I hadn’t expected such words from Duke.


“That’s what I did to get Alicia deported, you know…”


“Was Duke really like this”


“Like what”


“No, it’s nothing.

It’s just that I think your Prince’s impression is slowly falling apart.”


“I’m not much of a Prince Character to begin with.”


To me, he was a Prince Character, he always came to Alicia’s rescue whenever she was in danger, he was handsome, he was good at magic, academics, swordplay, everything, he was impeccable.


“Wait, who else knows that your amnesia is an act”


I asked quickly as I suddenly remembered this.


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