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208 Fifteen Years Old, Alicia, The Eldest Daughter of the Williams Family


I kept a close eye on the other side to see how it would react.


I expected it to charge at me with more vigor, but instead it walked slowly towards me.


I can turn into a lion with my magic, so I should be able to take on a lion…


The crowd’s voices grew quieter and quieter as the lion approached me step by step.I felt more and more tense.


I hadn’t thought of a plan at all, so what should I do now If it didn’t move first, I wouldn’t be able to move.

It would definitely catch up with me if I made a bad decision.


“I thought you’d be more violent, but you’re a lot calmer than I thought.”


That was the moment.


The lion’s eyes changed color, and it suddenly came running towards me as fast as it could.

The crowd becomes noisy at once.


“I take back my previous statement.”


My face tensed up involuntarily.


I had to figure out a way to create an opening as the lion charged towards me.

If I ran away at this point, I would be killed.

The lion was much faster on its feet than me. 


“That little bastard’s not moving.”


“I don’t think he’s even aware of the lion’s presence.”


“Isn’t it just his eyes that are bad”


Shut up, I need to concentrate.


I slipped under the lion just as the lion was about to pounce on me.

I reached around my waist for my sword, but the lion’s reaction was faster than I expected, and it quickly extended its paw toward me.


I wished it was a more sluggish lion!


I reacted as quickly as I could and slid straight to the side of its tail.


This guy must have never considered that I would be capable of such a move.

The hall fell silent in an instant.

I could tell there were a lot of eyes on me.


…Don’t be surprised by something small like this.

I haven’t even delivered a single blow yet.


Now I must defeat this fellow.


Even if I won this challenge, it’s a shame I won’t be recognised as a villainess.


While I was thinking about this, the lion was relentlessly stalking me for its next attack.


I did a big backward somersault and successfully dodged the attack.

Voices of “Oh My!” and “You must be kidding” echoed in my ears.


I had been training hard since I was seven years old, working on my muscles and practicing swordsmanship.

This much was to be expected.

How would I be considered a true villainess if I couldn’t even do this


I glanced at the king.


Oh, it was an honor to have him look at me with wide-eyed surprise.

If he liked me here, I would have a much better chance of learning about the political situation in the Ravaal Kingdom.


“I’m doing my best, I am.”


I said to myself and pulled my sword from my waist.

At the same time, the lion’s eyes glinted.


It menacingly raised its voice towards me.


Hearing a lion’s roar up close was a memorable experience, so I should cherish it.


I gripped my blade tighter and skillfully evaded the lion as it leapt on me.

I followed its movements with my eyes, trying not to get bitten to death. 


“Is that guy really blind


“That kid’s moving faster than a lion.”


Ah, jeez! I couldn’t launch a counterattack since this thing kept avoiding my attacks.


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