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What should I do


I turn my attention back to the lion.

I should kill him now.


What am I supposed to do Maybe we can get the king’s approval and get out of here.


Don’t forget your purpose.


No matter how much I told myself, I still couldn’t motivate myself enough to kill the lion.


“Um, King.”


I turn to face the king and shout.


“I can’t kill this lion.

But the lion can’t kill me either.

So, can we call it a draw”


All around me, there was a hush.


The guards come running towards me with angry faces.” What are you talking about!” they yell.


Even if I survive, the ruler might leave me half-dead if they’re that angry.


“How dare you talk to His Majesty the King, you little **!”


“You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into!”


“Ah, for God’s sake, shut up!”


I became enraged and yelled at the spectators.


The king remained silent and just stared at me.

I guess the guards didn’t expect me to yell at them.

They froze on the spot.


“Let me take care of this lion.

I’ll make sure he stays with me.

And if you let it die, I’ll kill myself.”


I wonder why I’m so obsessed with this lion.

I really couldn’t understand it myself.


But having a lion on my side would only make me look more powerful as a villainess.

Yeah, because what good was a villainess if she couldn’t even control a lion


“That’s interesting.



Oh, he had a beautiful voice.

What, eeh Was that the King’s voice When I glanced at the king, I could see that he was smiling happily at me.


Well, we’re just entertainment to them.

As long as the royals are entertained, that should be enough.

That was the value of our existence.


I could see the manager from behind the fence at the entrance I was at.


He was staring at me with a terrible expression.

I felt a shiver run down my spine.


…What kind of expression were you giving to a child He had me completely at his mercy, didn’t he


“What’s your name, boy”




“Ria, I like that.

Come join me.”


The crowd shouted various things at once, “Your Majesty, please reconsider,” a subordinate said, his voice ringing in my ears.


…I did it.

I finally got a chance to get close to the king!


But even if I were to go with him, I’m sure he wouldn’t let me serve as his bodyguard…


I wonder if I would be worked to death.

And I bet that the place where I will live will be a stable.


“Oh, and the lion will be coming with me, right”


“Of course.”


I almost said, “Thank you” but I’m a child who doesn’t know how to be polite at the moment.


I almost forgot my setup.


“Get ready to leave now.”


“I can leave any time.”


“Do you have any belongings”


“Do you think a kid like me, who has ended up here, has personal belongings”


“Hey! Watch your language!”


“No, it’s fine.

I’ll let them teach you some manners.”


With a generous smile on his face, the king stopped the guards at his side from yelling at me in a loud voice.


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