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…what did you just say


I think I misheard you.

You said “Take it off”, didn’t you


“A woman with the guts to fight a lion could easily get naked in front of me, couldn’t she”


Victor smirks at me, provoking me.


Wait, wait, who’s going to demand that I get naked… I mean, in case you didn’t notice, I haven’t been stripped of my title yet, so it’s not a good idea to get naked in front of a man.


“We’re both men, why are you so hesitant”


“If you suddenly say something like that, I’ll back off.”


If you get upset here, it will be the end.

Hang in there, Alicia.


He lets out a short sigh and gives me a dumbfounded look.


“You, what are you going to do when you have to take a bath You’re going to be thrown into a bathhouse full of men”


“What do you mean”


“You didn’t plan on taking a bath You’re so dirty and smelly.”


I’ll blow you away.


“They throw all the soldiers in one big bathroom.”


“I’m not a soldier.”


“Oh, you’re more like a slave down there.

It’s a dream job to be a soldier here.

That’s why father somehow brought you here as a soldier.”


That’s not what I heard.

I didn’t get the slightest opportunity to speak with the king directly.


I’d love to spend some time talking with him.

…I’m sure that’s impossible for a soldier.


“I’ll have you take a bath at a different time.

…Ahhh, why do I have to care so much about a kid like you”


Victor scratched his head roughly.


What could I say He was so kind.

I thought I would be treated worse than this.


I was expected to be branded a slave, or to be shackled with heavy shackles, or something along those lines.


“Heretics like you are seen by those around you as someone to watch out for, so be careful.”


Well, that’s true.


Even if I had been picked up in the arena, there was a good chance that I would be considered a spy from another country.

In fact, I’m a secret agent in some ways.




“…back off now.”


“Where’s the bath”


“Oh …ah, screw it, this is really annoying.

Follow me.”


Victor turned to leave the room with a grumpy expression on his face.


You don’t ask the guards to do that, right


I followed him, not wanting to be left behind.


“Here, this is the bath.

I’ll keep an eye on things, and you must come out immediately.

I’ll give you five minutes.”


Victor tosses me a fresh set of clothes, free of any dirt.


Oh, that smells good.

I knew clothes that were washed in the royal palace were very clean.


“Why do I have to work for this guy”


He was complaining, but he was such a nice guy!


“Thank you.”


I thanked him briefly and headed for the bath.


…Isn’t it too big


I could see the large bathroom behind the changing room.

I wondered how many people could fit in it.

Isn’t it too extravagant to have the whole place to yourself


I washed all the ashes from my hair and body.

My hair is naturally of good quality, so all I have to do is rinse it with water to make it silky smooth.

The black, dirty water flows down the drain.


I didn’t know I was so dirty… How could I look like this in front of the prince I want to pat myself on the back.


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