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I got out of the bath and changed into new clothes.


…Come to think of it, this was the first time I had taken a bath since I came to this world.


I wonder if they’ll build a big bathroom in my house.


“Huh …It’s gone.”


The cloth that I had used to cover my eyes was missing.

No, not just the cloth, but all the tattered clothes I had been wearing were gone.


The new clothes were not the type to be easily torn.

Victor had given me the appropriate uniform for a soldier of this country.


I wonder if they took them because they were dirty, or if it was Victor’s intention….


I have a feeling it was the latter.

He had been suspicious of me for a long time, and the fact that he brought me all the way out here means that he was really curious about my identity.


I had told him I’d be out in five minutes, but I was already in the bath and it took awhile to get out.


…Anyone would want to take a bath after seeing such a big bathroom.

It couldn’t be helped.


Besides, Victor must have thought it was too late and left already.

It is okay if I left without doing anything, right


I mean, I had no choice but to get out of here.


I covered my face with my hands and walked out with half-lidded eyes.


“You’re late.”


Victor’s irritated voice rang in my ears the moment I stepped out.

I glance sideways to see him leaning against the wall.


I knew he was there, I knew it.

There was no way he was going to let someone he didn’t consider an ally wander around.


“I’m sorry.

The rag I was wearing is missing, so I need to find it.”


“Oh, you mean this”


Victor fluttered the soiled rag in his right hand before I could finish.


I figured it was him.


“Why don’t you get your hands off it”


I was irritated by his cool demeanor.

A villainess should be able to handle herself, but here I was, in a tight spot.


Well, it didn’t matter that I didn’t look like a woman any more…


“If you have an injury to your eye, I’ll call a special doctor for you.

Let me see it.”


“No, I don’t want to.”


“Oh You’re going to defy me, the prince”


Victor gives me a sharp look.


…Think calmly, Alicia.


My golden eyes were the reason I was covering my eyes in the first place.

I didn’t know the ratio of eye color in Ravaal, but it could be that there are a lot of people with these eyes… I wonder if that kind of diminishes my value.


“You look good when you’re properly dressed.”


Well, I’m a young lady, you know


“And you’ve got a really nice frame, nice skin, shiny hair…”


Victor moved his face closer to mine and studied me closely.

I couldn’t help but close my eyes.


Because he was an aristocrat, I wouldn’t be able to judge if he was beautiful, but he had good instincts, so this was not good.


“I knew it, let me see your face.”


With that, Victor forcibly tries to pull my hand away from my face.


Reflexively, I kicked him in the arm, and just like that, I backed away in a backflip with my hands on the floor.


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