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How could he do that If I sneaked over there, they would know, right This was probably the prince’s place.


Was there something in that tower, or someone locked in there, or… a trap


“Hey! Are you even listening to me”


A loud voice suddenly brought me back to my senses.


A large man’s face appeared in front of me.

…What a stern looking face.

Happiness would flee from him if he kept wrinkling his brow like that.


“You’ve been dawdling for a while now.

If you’re not going to do anything, you should go back to your mother.”


I can agree with that.

I also wouldn’t want someone who was unmotivated.

One lazy person could upset the discipline at once.


“I’m sorry, sir!”


I bowed my head deeply, my voice strained.

Yes, I must do my best here.

I will definitely rise to the top.


The man’s eyes widened, as if he didn’t expect me to apologize honestly.

The surrounding soldiers also froze.


“…What’s your name, rookie”




“My name is Marius, Reid Marius.

I’m the captain of this squad.”


“…This squad”


“You don’t even know what squad you’re in, and you’re here”


Captain Marius looked dumbfounded.


I was suddenly thrown in here by Victor.

He didn’t explain anything about all this.


“Look, this is Prince Victor’s special unit.

All the soldiers in the world are dying to join this unit.

…And somehow the prince threw this poor kid in here with no experience.

I don’t know what the hell he’s thinking.”


“I just have to stay here on my own merits, don’t I”


The air froze at my words.


Captain Marius tightened his face.

…Ah, I think I offended him.

It wasn’t like I was going to get any villainess points for pissing off people by dressing up as something other than a lady.


“You’re right, rookie.”


Thinking about it, this might be the first time I talked to the captain like this.

I didn’t have much to do with the soldiers in Duelkis.


“You, do two hundred push-ups right now.”




That’s it Two hundred push-ups That’s not a punishment at all, is it


I wonder if I should tell him… A thousand push-ups would be a better punishment.


“You’re freaking me out.”


“The captain is also a jerk, forcing him to do 200 push-ups right now, right after he arrived.”


“I bet he won’t last a week.”


“No, three days.”


“I think he’ll only last a day.”


One by one, the soldiers spoke.


It’s getting shorter and shorter.

I wonder how gutless they thought I was.

Not that I’m being rude about it, by the way.


“If I fail, do I have to start all over again”


“Hey, you’re getting carried away, rookie.”


“Two hundred times”


A short man with cream-colored hair tried to stop Captain Marius, but I interrupted him.


He was probably the second-in-command, to be able to say that to the captain.

He’s slimmer than the captain, but he has good muscles.


The funny thing was, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t build any muscle at all, which made me jealous of them.


“Hey, don’t get too excited about it, either.”


The short-haired man cautions me.


He wouldn’t increase the number of times I had to do the push-ups if I didn’t agitate him.

Two hundred times isn’t a penalty at all.


“That’s fun.

Then do five hundred push-ups in a row.”




I then put my hands on the floor and got into a push-up position.


“Also, use proper honorifics.”


I heard Captain Marius say from above.


“Understood, sir.”


I said and began to do push-ups on the spot.


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