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“Gramps, Duke is trying to get you out of here.”


I visited the poor village and told him so in person.


Duke was unable to come to the impoverished village due to various reasons, and so I was the one who had to come here.


“…I see…Duke.”


Gramps mumbled with a nostalgic look on his face.


Duke was Gramps’ nephew.

I guess he held many memories that I didn’t know about.


“Getting out”


“But what will happen to this village when the master is gone”


Rebecca opened her mouth before Gramps could answer.


“So, how long are we going to be stuck here being played around with by the nobility”


Neit, who was standing next to Rebecca, interjects as well.


Neit was the captain of this village.

When he had faced Alicia previously, I had realized that he was a formidable opponent and a valuable asset.


I was surprised that this village even had a squad in the first place.


Alicia and Gramps changed this village.

The village that used to be so run down now looked so alive.


Alicia was amazing.

She created this opportunity for all of them.


I stared at Gramps, who was still struggling without saying anything.


“I didn’t want to think of this village as my hometown…but now it’s different.

It’s all thanks to Alicia.

She healed Rebecca’s burns, stopped the necrosis, gave her a chance to be the savior of this village, gave Gramps an eye, made him the leader of this village…she saved my life and got me out of this village.

All of this would not have been possible without Alicia.

…So I want to live up to Alicia’s expectations.

Her never-ending ambition gives me courage.”


I said everything I was thinking at once.

Everyone listened to me in silence.


I never thought I would talk this much myself.

But when I think of Alicia, words naturally flow out.


I could never thank her enough.

She was my hope.


“Gilles, you’ve grown up!”


Then he pats my head gently.


I like these hands.

Gramps’ recognition of my growth is the reason I keep returning.


“I have to move on, too.”


Gramps muttered as if he was ready.


“Let’s get out of this village.”


His voice was the only sound in the small room.

Everyone froze at his words.

…The day had finally come.

They were all silent, waiting for Gramps’ next remarks.


“Because nothing can change if we are afraid to move on, right”


“What’s going to happen to us”


Neit stared at Gramps with sharp eyes.


“You guys are leaving too.”




“How I don’t care if he has some magic potion from some high ranking nobleman, but how the heck are we supposed to get out of this village”


Neit shouted in anger.


It was true that Arnold had given me a pink liquid called Abel, so I could come and go from this village, but the people in the village had no idea what to do with it.

But of course, there were many people in this village who didn’t like it.


“I’ll fetch it from the king.”


“…Only the old man gets to go first.”


“I will come back for sure.”


“And if you abandon us Everyone wants to leave this village.

You are a former noble.

Are you sure you’re not just taking advantage of a good offer”


“Are you underestimating me”


That one word from Gramps instantly changed the atmosphere.


Neit’s eyes widened and he froze.


This side of Gramps was new to me.

The former prince’s ambitious, cunning, genius-like mind was revealed.


Was Alicia aware of this from the beginning …From the beginning to the end, I’ve been losing to her.


With these thoughts in mind, we listened to Gramps’ story.


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