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“You got something”


“Do you think Mel will come before my Lord empty-handed”


Duke’s words were answered immediately with pride.


I thought Henry and I were good at gathering information, but seeing these two made me realize that we still have a long way to go.


…Maybe these two were on another level.


“Well, first! By the law of the land, a prince must marry a saint, but is there really only one saint …Liz Cather, she is a commoner, but her magic power is incredibly strong, and she has all attributes.

She is a miracle woman with an excellent appearance but a rotten heart.

She is a saint, but it is our Aliali who is actually performing miracles! We’ve documented it properly, so you should be grateful!”


Saying this, Mel vigorously handed Duke a few sheets of paper.

He skimmed through them.


Well, there was more than one saint.

Alicia was the one who rebuilt the impoverished village, which was said to be the biggest problem in this country.


And she wanted to destroy the superiority of the aristocracy in order to realize a meritocracy.

She started to transform the village when she took me out of the impoverished village.


…And she was working hard to make this country more powerful.


Looking back, Cather Liz, why is she here


All she did was talk and do nothing.

She’s nothing more than a useless person who could do whatever she wanted with magic if she wanted to.

Idealism may be important, but it shouldn’t be said by someone who did not do anything.


That was what everyone here thought.


“Even if you have power, if you don’t know how to use it, it’s meaningless.”


“How you use it is important, after all.”


Duke said to me as he handed the paper back to Mel after he had gone through all of it.


“I wish Alicia was the one who could use all magic…”


“I doubt she would want that.”


“I don’t think Ali would want that either.”


Neither Duke nor Henry agreed with my words.


“Ali doesn’t have it all, although I feel like she has grown so much.

She may be the strongest now, but she wasn’t the strongest from the beginning.

She put in a lot more effort than we did to get to that place.”


“She’s still trying to get stronger, though.”



That’s definitely going to put us in a bad place.”


Henry laughed as he said this.


Yes, she was not perfect from the start.


I have been by Alicia’s side all my life, and I could tell.

Of course, it could be because of her natural talent, but she was working very hard to make the best use of it.


I still didn’t understand her motive.


To me, the villainess she aspired to become was more like a hero.


“If Ali were really a man, she would have had a shot at the king’s throne.”


“I’m glad Alicia is a woman, though.”


“I ain’t handing over my pretty little sister that easily.”


“I would love to talk more about Aliali too – I mean, if you want, I’ll take Aliali – but first! Can I talk about information number two”


Mel’s voice rang in our ears, interrupting the conversation between Henry and Duke.


Information could easily be obtained if one wanted to.

There were various ways to get information, but I wonder how much information Duke asked Mel to gather in such a short period of time.


And Mel did a great job of it.


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