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“Why didn’t you stop her from being exiled then!”


Albert’s voice echoed through the room.


Indeed, no matter how much the prince wanted to deport Alicia, he would be unable to do so if the king refused.


The king’s gaze slowly turned to Duke.


Duke’s expression remains unchanged.


…The king had a very difficult son to deal with, didn’t he


But now Duke could tell everyone that his amnesia was a lie.

He was already successful in getting Alicia exiled from the country.


Everyone turned to look at Duke as he opened his mouth.


“Alicia is more like a secret agent.

Unbeknownst to everyone, she has grown dramatically and is making a difference in this country.

Don’t trust Liz too blindly.

Think for yourself.”


Liz Cather’s eyes widened at Duke’s words.

They seem to hold a mixture of surprise and shock.


That’s right, that’s what you would expect from someone who loves him.


“But, but she’s probably on to something.”


Gayle said, putting his glasses back on, a little puzzled.


“It’s impossible to achieve all the beautiful things we want by just getting along with each other and avoiding conflict.”


I glanced at Liz Cather but she wasn’t saying anything.


She just listens to us in silence.


“Ali is a secret agent…”


“I didn’t know that either.

…I mean, Duke, I thought you had amnesia.”


Following Alan, Curtis said this with a small chuckle.


“There needs to be a reason for deporting the young lady, right”


Ahhhh, Duke, if Alicia gets mad at you later, I’m out.


Alicia would never have wanted anyone to find out that this was a staged exile….

Well, it would be okay if only her family members found out about it.


Duke, who was said to be a crazy prince obsessed with a villainess, was also a scheming prince.

And the villainess was becoming the hero of the country.


If these two would be the next king and queen… I would be glad to be in this country.


“I wonder how the brainwashing can be broken.”


“I think it’s starting to unravel, though.”


Duke replied to my muttering by looking at Albert and the others.


If you ask me, looking at their confused state, it would appear that they were breaking away from the Liz religion.


“…Why did you only now reveal that”


Finn asked Duke with a smile.


“We’re going to start a revolution.”


Duke’s mouth turns up at the corners.

The look on his face scared me.


The King, not knowing that Duke had such a thought in mind, reacted with a twitch of his eyebrows.


“Revolution” – Finn


“Yes, indeed.

For a country that’s supposed to be a superpower, this country is terrible at diplomacy, and its domestic politics are flawed.”


How could you say that so brazenly in front of the king


“Well, what should we do” – Finn


“Build a unit.

Be its commander.

You’ve put in a lot of time and effort to learn swordsmanship.

If you want to spend the rest of your life as an aristocrat, that’s fine.

But if you would like to change something with your own power, you should follow me.

I will give you that chance.” – Duke


…Duke, you sound more like a king than the current king.


“Does that mean you’re preparing for some kind of conflict” – Finn


“We must not go to war!” – Liz


Finn and Duke’s talk is interrupted by Liz Cather’s dominant voice.


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