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I have to give you credit for having the guts to say that at this point, Liz Cather.


For the first time, I thought you were great.


“Who said anything about a war”


Duke looked a little annoyed.


She wasn’t affected by anything just now, but I knew she wasn’t the only one who was surprised when I saw his expression falter.


“Because if there is such a thing as military force, there will be a war.

It would be better if both countries didn’t have troops.”


“Are you going to negotiate that with the other country”


“Even Duke once said, wars start because of differences in values or personal greed that can cost countless lives and involve people who have nothing to do with the war.

It is absurd to repeat it over and over again! Was that a lie”


You are missing the point big time, Liz Cather.


“We need the troops.”


Albert said in a low voice.


Finally, he contradicted Liz Cather.

For the first time, Albert disagreed with her.


“Albert, you used to be against violence, too.

What are you talking about all of a sudden Violence begets violence.”


“I wish everyone in the world had a heart as clean as Liz’s.”


Albert said a little sadly.


If everyone had a wealthy and contented personal life, maybe there would be no conflict.


It would be easy to think that way, but after all, everyone was born with greed.

We all want to be better than someone else and feel superior to them.


“I will never betray Liz.”


Eric said in a strong tone.


I don’t think Albert has betrayed her in any way….


“Liz’s idea is my ideal!”


Too much faith.

Once again, I feel the horror of being a fanatic.


They seem to have fallen in love with Liz Cather and drowned deeper and deeper into that state, just like the followers who believe in their religion and are willing to lay down their lives for it.


“I’m not against war.”


All eyes were on me at once, and everyone muttered, “What”


Duke was surprised since he didn’t expect me to say that.


“Of course, I want to avoid doing it voluntarily, but I would go to war to regain my dignity and to protect my pride.”


I would have killed the king with a vengeance if Alicia had not helped me and kept me in the impoverished village for such a long time.


Well, the biggest problem was that I could not leave that village.

Still, if she had not come to that village, there would definitely have been a riot.


“Who are you fighting”


“All of you.”


I responded immediately to Liz Cather.


“There are many people in my village who think so.”


“That village…”


“An Impoverished Village.”


My words changed the air.

Only the parents of the five noble families, Duke and Henry, knew about this.


Naturally, they thought I was a commoner child that Alicia had picked up.


“It’s a world where you get punched, kicked, torn to pieces, and you still have to crawl and be strong to survive.

No one is there to help you.”


Finally, Liz Cather said nothing at my words.


Nobody said anything, and the atmosphere became tense.


“Who do you think rescued me from that village when I was dying, gave a hand to a woman with irredeemable burns, and gave Gramps an eye… and who do you think is the boss of the impoverished village that has been reborn”


Everyone was dazed because no one knew the facts up to that time.


Oh, I praised her too.

No, I was on her side from the beginning, so it was okay to praise Alicia, but….


This was the kind of praise that would get me in trouble.


I’m sorry, Alicia, but I’m still angry that these people keep making fun of you.


Hey, I realize she was attempting to be a villainess, but we should remember her every move now and then.

My queen was just too strong for them.


…If she found out that I told them about her achievements in detail, she might magically turn me into a worm.


I will ask Duke to please keep this a secret.


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