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I never thought I would have a birthday in the Ravaal Kingdom.


Sixteen years old… I should be in my first year of high school.

I’m a blossoming high school student.


It had not been that long since I came to the Ravaal Kingdom, but it has been a year since I left that hut…


It was a strange feeling that felt both swift and brief.


“I don’t think I need to celebrate my birthday every year…I believe it would be better to limit the celebration to my seventh birthday.

If I said such a thing in front of Liz, I’d probably get a lecture.”


I muttered to myself as I headed off to training today.


It was my sixteenth birthday, but it was no different from any other day… Well, except for the rain.


Small droplets of water were hitting my face.

Of course, training took place even in the rain.

There was no way the military was going to be affected by the weather.




I look up at the sky.

I didn’t hate the rain.

I like the smell and sound of rain.


“Little guy! Get in line now!”


Captain Marius yelled at me from afar.


You will go bald if you are so irritated in the morning, you know.

I thought to myself as I rushed towards them.


It was not that I was late.

In fact, I was here a little early as usual, but why am I being rushed so much today


I caught a glimpse of shiny blonde hair behind Marius, wet from the rain.




What was the prince doing out in the rain


I rushed to line up in my usual position.

I couldn’t see much in front of me because the soldiers around me were bigger than me.

I couldn’t help it because I was a newcomer who had arrived later than they had.


In this noisy rain, I had to focus solely on the voices to assess the situation.


The rain was getting heavier and heavier, and I wondered if the prince would be all right.

He was going to catch a cold.


“His Highness Victor wants to speak with you all today!”


Captain Marius announced to us, his voice strained.

With those words, we all straighten our backs and prepare to listen.


“I’m going to choose the ones who will follow me on my expedition.

Because of the danger involved, the group chosen for this expedition will be small! The five of you whose names I am about to call, prepare yourselves immediately! First, Marius.”








Of course, the captain and the vice-captain are called.

I can’t join them at all.

They would not call me… I have to keep believing that.


When the prince was gone, I would have the chance to explore the castle to my heart’s content.

I would like to find out about my grandfather and that tower.


“Jeld! Ceres!”




Oh my, there really could be a chance that I won’t be called….






“You’re the only one who’s not responding right.”


Victor scowled at me with a dubious look on his face.


I expected Victor to spare me, but it’s Victor, so I had also expected that he would pull off something like this.

Let’s keep that in mind.




I replied in a slightly lower voice than the other soldiers because I had been sadly chosen for the squad.

I should be happy, but why was I feeling so disappointed


…Victor had already seen many things about me.

I wanted to avoid being around him too much if I could help it.

However, when it comes to an expedition, I cannot say the same.

It was our job to protect the prince.


Life was not going well.

I would have to consider it to be a test to become a villainess and get through it.


Alicia, don’t be discouraged! You are already the best villainess in your country! This is your training!


I motivate myself to let go of my negative emotions.


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