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It was great that I was chosen to be a part of the expedition, but I had no idea the departure date was tomorrow.

They should have told us that a little earlier.


I envy Victor’s free-spiritedness.

Come to think of it, Duke-sama always seemed so stuffy.


After the training was over, I wandered around the castle by myself, thinking about tomorrow’s expedition.


I had no idea what to bring with me… Come to think of it, this was my first expedition… Would it be similar to a camping trip


It won’t be that easy, will it


I was surprised at the way the other soldiers treated me.

Normally, it would be humiliating and enviable for a newcomer to be chosen unexpectedly, but they all seemed pleased that I was chosen. 


… Either they recognized my ability, or the expedition was the worst thing that could have happened to me.

I prefer to think that it was the former.


“Hey, kid.”


From behind, Victor’s high-pitched voice echoed in my ears.


“… What is it”


I turned around and replied, glaring at Victor.

I didn’t feel like correcting him every time he called me a kid.


“There’s someone I’d like to introduce you to.”


” Who is it Your fiancée”


“You’re an idiot.

I wouldn’t tell you even if I had a fiancée.”


“Oh, you have one”


“You’re a noisy little brat.”


“It’s the prince who has to babysit this little brat, isn’t it Please have a bit of patience.”


My wariness of Victor has considerably reduced, so I find myself saying things that irritate him.


He ignored me, looking at me with an annoyed look on his face.


“We’re going on an expedition tomorrow, and now you want to introduce me to someone…”


I murmured to myself in a small voice, to which Victor responded.


“It’s the person who will be accompanying you on that expedition.”


Victor said as he started walking a little faster.

I also increased my speed so as to avoid being left behind.


We were brought to the most unpopular part of the castle.

Victor stopped in front of a door, which was carved in detail and was very strictly guarded.


…What kind of place was this It looks sturdier than Victor’s room.


The only thing I learned when I came to this country was that every country’s castles were so big that you might get lost if you were exploring them by yourself.


Victor opened the door without knocking.


I wonder if the prince had the right to not knock.


I followed him and stepped into the room.

For some reason, I felt a tremendous amount of pressure at that moment.


It was a strange pressure that I had never felt before.

My cells were buzzing with the awareness that no one in this room was ordinary.


Perhaps sensing my slight retreat, Victor raises one eyebrow and snickered at me.

I wanted to say, “You’re the kid, aren’t you” in his face.


“You could say that these people are the brains of this country.”


I then looked at the people who could make Victor say such things.


…There he was, my grandfather.


And there were others flanking him on both sides who were about the same age as grandfather.

I recognised their familiar gray and red hair.


Both have a little gray in them, but I recognized them immediately.


Those were Gayle and Eric’s grandfathers… Why these two grandfathers, I wonder.

Of all the people, it had to be those two who were related to the two most brainwashed people by Liz.


They were playing chess on a round table surrounded by large, plush, single-seat sofas with tripods.

I didn’t know who was fighting who, but everyone was focused on the chess game, even ignoring the prince.


“Say hello!”


Victor said this to me in a slightly harsh tone.

I snapped out of it and bowed lightly and hurriedly before speaking.


“Nice to meet you, my name is Ria.”


It was a little tiring to make my voice sound like a boy after the training.


They all come to a halt and turn to face me when they hear my words.

For a brief moment, the sharp look in their eyes scared me.


“My name is Mark Hudson.”


The Hudson household, no doubt Eric’s Grandfather.


“I’m Albert Williams.”


The low, weighty words made my eyes widen involuntarily.

They didn’t know what I looked like because I had cloth wrapped around my eyes, but I had a feeling that they could read my emotions.


…Williams, he was my grandfather, after all.


Finally, the gray-haired man with the fluttering playing cards in his hands smirks and opens his mouth.


“My name is Cate Evans.

Nice to meet you, sweetie.”


Ca, Cate….

I was more surprised by his name than by the fact that he called me a young lady.


It’s him.

He was the man who sent the wolf to the magic academy and put down the cards.

Four of spades, Cate, the nobleman.


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