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“How did you know I was a woman”


“… On the contrary, I wonder how you thought you wouldn’t be found out.

A man’s frame is very different from a woman’s.

It doesn’t matter how tightly you wrap your chest with cloth.”


Cate spoke quickly, as if disgusted.

Everyone around him agreed with him and shook their heads.


“The whole squad didn’t find out.”


Mark responded to my quiet mutter.


“They’re the kind of guys who think muscle is more important than brains.

Even if they find out you’re a woman, you could probably shut them up with your strength.”


“I’d love to see their faces when they find out that they lost to a woman.”


Victor grinned and looked as happy as a young general.


“This fellow is pretty decent.

I mean, I’ve never seen a kid like this before.”


“You’ve been talking so much about kids and brats for a while now.

I’m sixteen today.”


Everyone froze at my words.


Oh, did I just say something funny I’m only human, it’s natural for me to age.


“Is today your birthday”


Victor’s mouth opened wide in amazement.


“Yes, it is… What’s wrong”


“You’re old enough to drink.”


“Yeah, I know, you don’t need to point that out.”


I was told many times that you have to be 20 to drink and smoke.

I mean, when you hear about a birthday, wouldn’t it be normal to say “Happy Birthday” without any thought or care


…You should not expect anything normal from Victor.


“It’s legal in the Ravaal Kingdom, you know.

I don’t know about your former country, though.”


 “Which country did you say I was from”


I responded immediately, but I was extremely nervous on the inside.


Since when did they know I was not from this country


… Because I showed my eyes But I did speak the ancient language of the Ravaal Kingdom.

I acted as if I was from this country, didn’t I


“You are not from this country This is interesting.”


Cate took an interest in me at once.

The way he looked at me was as if he had discovered a new kind of flower.


“Actually, I’m not from this country either.”


I know.


“These three are your educators from today on.”




Victor’s suggestion made my mouth drop open.


The grandfathers didn’t seem to have heard of it before, but they didn’t seem surprised either.


“Why are you asking the brains of this country to educate me”


Victor did not answer, so I continued talking.


“As the prince said, I may not be from this country.

Maybe I will rebel.

And yet, you are trying to educate me….

What on earth do you want”


“… You think too deeply.

I just give my people a chance to learn things.

Take it as a birthday present.”


“Sure, a chance to learn new things is a most welcome gift, but…”


I have never heard a woman say such a thing before.


“You would never do such a thing for a mere subordinate without profit.

There’s always a secret to it.”


“What do you think I’m hiding”


Why would you make me answer that, I thought, as Victor’s question took me by surprise.


“You overestimate my abilities.

I’m not that great.

I know you think that I’m a great scholar and fighter, but I’m not the kind of person who can be of any use to you.”


He responded to my words after a brief pause.


“Is it because you are not from this country Or is there someone else you want to serve”


Either answer would reveal that I am not from this country… I’m sure they already know.


There was no one who worked for the prince who wasn’t loyal to him.


When I remained silent, the prince gave a small sigh.


“Well, okay.

I don’t expect that much from you either… Now go.”


I wondered if he was getting bored.

I would not want a subordinate who doesn’t listen to me.


“Now, if you’ll excuse me.”


With that, I turned my back on the prince and walked out of the room.


As I walked out of the room, I heard the prince’s voice from behind me.


“Well, it depends on your ability to get these three to teach you something.”


…In other words, they wouldn’t teach me anything unless they expected me to be on their side.

If I was not good enough, they would cut me off.


So, the choice was not with me but with them.


I love these conditions, they are the most exciting.


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