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“Wake her up”


Victor furrowed his brow at my suggestion.


“We might be able to learn something by waking her up.”


“What if it makes things worse”


“Well, we won’t know until we try.

Since when did you become such a cautious prince Or do you have another idea”


He remained silent, as if he had nothing to say in response.


If things get worse, then so be it.

We’re already in a desperate situation right now.



Wake her up.”




“I don’t know.

You’re the one who suggested it! I’ve never woken up a fairy before.

…You’re making me nervous.”


Victor’s shoulders slumped as he said this.


I wondered if it was possible to wake her up again with magic.

It’s worth a shot.

If it works, I might write a book about how to wake up fairies and make a fortune.


With this thought in mind, I focused all my attention on the sleeping fairy.


The surrounding air tensed as the wind rushed upward and the water slowed down.




Victor’s little mutterings fell on deaf ears, and I just kept fighting against the fairy with my magic, telling her to “wake up.”


[I’ve never been pressured like this before.]


A high-pitched, clear voice echoed in my head, and I became a little more relaxed.


The fairy in his hand yawns, her small hand covering her mouth.


“”It’s awake.””


My voice and Victor’s overlap.

The fairy looks a little annoyed as we stare at her, wide-eyed.


[Ah~! The paradise I created is being beautifully destroyed~!]


The fairy exclaimed as she stood up on Victor’s hand and looked around.


“It was a paradise.”


“Huh What are you talking about No one would come to a paradise like this.”


“For her.”


Victor frowned as I said this while staring at the fairy.


[After all, you humans judge by appearances, don’t you The inside may be filled with jewels, but if the outside is filthy, they won’t even try to find out what’s inside.

That’s why this place, where no one bothered me, was my paradise.].


“I sincerely apologize for destroying your paradise.



“…Kid, you understand this guy’s unintelligible words”


Victor looks at me as if he were looking at something strange.


I don’t know what he meant by “unintelligible words,” but she’s talking normally.

What do you mean


[You possess extraordinary magical abilities, you know.

It’s not surprising that you can understand my words.]


“I see.”


“I see what Explain it to me.


“Because I have strong magic power, I can understand her words.”


We were already halfway into the water while we were talking about these things.

The power of the water flow had increased again after she woke up.


…This really was a death flag, wasn’t it I met a fairy, and I didn’t want to die in a place like this.


“Hey, tell me how to get out of here.”


[Eh~, I’ve had my sleep interrupted.

Why should I help humans]


The fairy looked at us as if we were a pain in the neck.


Of course, we were, most likely.

But humans were selfish.

I would have to force her to lead us to the exit.


As I lightly glared at the fairy, I put pressure on her with my magic.


“Just tell me quickly.”


[Okay, okay! All right, just stop it!”]


I relaxed my power the moment she cried out.


[I can’t believe it.

A saint would be more approachable, more loving, and more persuasive to the fairies.]


“A saint I’m a villainess.”


[She doesn’t even realize it.]


I was about to say, “What are you talking about, there is an extraordinary saint in my country,” but I decided not to.


If Ravaal Country was looking for a saint, I certainly wouldn’t be able to talk about it.


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