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He paused for a moment before huffing.

Everyone was waiting for Victor’s next words.


“I don’t understand why you would help me when all you care about is your own gain.”


My head was so hot that my brain felt like it was going to melt.

Although it was good to be on land, breathing was as difficult as it had been underwater.


I wondered if what they said about the poison acting differently on different people was true.

I thought I was highly resistant to poison.


He placed his hand on my forehead as he stared at me.

I’m not sure what he was thinking, but Victor’s hand was cold and comforting.


“I was thinking of my own interests, and I thought you could be of use to me in the future.”


Oh, then you’ve done a better job than I thought you would.

Well, that was very Victor-like of you.


“…I do wish I could say that.”


He sat down next to me somewhat resignedly.


Everyone was puzzled by this sudden change in his personality.

Perhaps he too had taken a bit of poison and his personality had changed.


I couldn’t stand the sick feeling rising from deep within my chest and vomited on the spot.

Maybe it was because I hadn’t eaten anything, so what came out was mostly water.


He gently pats my back.

The warmth of his hand made me think that being a prince was difficult no matter where you were.


Duke-sama had no freedom and was never fixated on his position as a royal.

Victor had the ambition to be king, even at the cost of his men’s lives.


My whole body started to heat up, and I let out a small moan.

I didn’t want him to see me in this condition…..


Everyone’s worry was palpable in the air, and slowly, Grandpa came to my side.


Victor removed his hand from my forehead, and Grandpa touched me instead.

My vision was blurred, so I couldn’t quite make out what kind of expression he had on his face.


As he touched me, I became increasingly relaxed and sleepy.

The fever was fading.


I did not understand what he was doing to me.

In a daze, I quickly fell asleep.


“What did you do”


Albert did not respond to Victor’s words.

Victor assumed he wanted to talk to him alone and motioned for Marius and the others to leave.


Marius and Ceres were already breathing normally, so they both stood up and left the place with Neil.


Mark lightly snapped his fingers to create a geometric pattern of barriers.

The purpose was to prevent whatever they were about to say from leaking out.


“You already know who this guy is, don’t you”


Victor questioned Albert further, but he remained silent.  Albert slowly answered.


“Normally, even a small amount of magic power would be enough to eliminate that level of poison….

It must have been a strong magic power.”


Albert gently stroked Alicia’s hair and quietly looked at Victor.

Albert’s eyes seemed to see through everything.


Victor stares at Albert, a little frightened by those eyes.


“Are you okay with that”


“I poured magic power into her body.”


[What the hell is going on with her magic She’s a freak.]


Kii interrupts their conversation, but Victor can’t hear her.


Kii, who was in the corner earlier, spread her wings and appeared in front of them.


“Speaking of which, I forgot you existed.”


[Eh, isn’t that awful]


Kate laughs at the conversation.


“This is a true masterpiece, a hidden treasure.

We came here to find the source of the lake, and you forgot about it…”


When she heard this, she turned to face Alicia.

The fairy sighed and approached Albert’s face.


[What the hell is wrong with this girl]


“I don’t know what you’re asking me.”


[Because you… you’re her…]


“She didn’t exist before I came to this country.”


Albert interrupted Kii’s words.

He looks grim.


[Human beings are complicated.]


“Are you talking to her”


Victor was the only one who didn’t understand what Kii was saying.

This irritated him, and his voice was a little rough.


[This prince is so selfish.]


“It’s just right for a prince to be pushy.”


“What the heck are you talking about”


Victor frowned.

Then with a snap of fingers, Mark releases his barrier.


“I think it’s time for us to call it a day.”


Victor mutters a small, “Okay” in response to Mark’s words.

Now that the wards had been removed, Marius and the others rushed over.


“Your Highness.”


Neil stood in front of Victor and asked him, somewhat hesitantly.


“Ria is a woman”


Neil’s confused voice echoed through the woods.


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