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“A good man must have a good woman, right”


Rebecca muttered quietly.


It really was true.

Good leaders were always followed by good people, not just in love.

That’s why I was afraid of becoming a fool in this world.


…So, if Liz Cather was a wise person, not only this country but all the countries in the world would have been shaken.


We would use Liz Cather’s power to the fullest if we could.

In some ways, she was that unique.


“We don’t have any patriotic feelings at all, so we don’t swear allegiance to the country….

But, well, I’m loyal to that young lady.”


The young lady was Alicia…I didn’t expect Nate to trust Alicia so much….


How did she manage to be so captivating I was both proud and envious of her success.


It was a natural talent that I lacked.

It was not something that could be obtained simply by working hard.


It was the most difficult thing for her, who wanted to be a villainess.

…Alicia, too, had a difficult time.


“So I won’t do anything to betray her.”


Nate fixed his unclouded gaze on Duke.


I felt a little sad that I was the only one who knew how wonderful she was.


You were loved and trusted by so many people, and I support you in becoming a villainess, but your ideal of a villainess was very different from our definition of a villainess. 


I would never say it in front of her, though.


“She’s our hero, you know”


I said, my face breaking into a smile.


If Alicia were listening, that would undoubtedly be the number one line that would infuriate her.


“Duke’s got a hard time too.”


“I wish she was a little weaker.”


Duke chuckled at Gramps’ muttering.


“So, what are we supposed to do”


Duke’s face suddenly tenses up at Nate’s question.


“First, promise me you won’t start a riot when we get out of this village.”



If anything happens, we’ll stop it.”


Of course, some of these people were crazy.

It would be extremely dangerous to let them all run wild at once.


Well, if it was the squad led by Nate, it would be easy to suppress them….


“Well, I’ve already got my eye on some bad guys.”


“That’s quite a feat.”


“Here’s a list of those people.”


Rebecca interrupted Nate and Duke’s conversation.

She gently handed Duke a piece of paper.

I took a look at the paper next to her.

There were not that many people on the list.


“Thank God.”


“We must be prepared to enter the outside world.

After all, common sense in this village would probably be questionable in the outside world.”


Nate was no longer being respectful.


“Where do you want us to live”


“We have a place in town, but it’s pretty far from the more prosperous parts of town.”


“Thank you very much.

The more distance, the better.”


“You’re an outlier dropping in out of the blue, I can see why they wouldn’t welcome you.”


Nate replied with a self-deprecating smile.


“Well, I’ll cooperate with you, my prince.”


With that, Nate holds out his hand to Duke, who squeezes his hand back tightly.


“Oh, by the way, I haven’t heard your name yet.”


“It’s Nate.

I’m the captain of the only squad in this village.”


“I didn’t know there was such a thing as a squad.”


“I made it a while ago.

I was planning to leave this village to pick a fight with the country.”


“I’m glad I prevented that.

I don’t want to make an enemy of you.”


Duke’s mouth curved around into a grin.

Seeing this, Nate muttered a little.


“I don’t want a monster prince like you as an enemy, either.”


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