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“Well, then, it’s time to get ready.”


Duke’s words caused everyone’s faces to tighten.


At last, everyone would be able to leave the impoverished village.

How many people had been looking forward to this day


We could go to a place where there was sunshine.

We’d be taken to that bright and hopeful place.


Rebecca’s hands were shaking a little.


“I don’t really understand this feeling, I’m getting a little scared.”


“It’s okay.”


Nate squeezed Rebecca’s hand.




Eh, are those two…


No, I need to leave that aside for now.

I didn’t have time to poke my head (or mouth) into other people’s love affairs.


Duke extended his hand toward the wall of fog.

At that moment, the fog suddenly disappeared.

The wall that had been there only moments before had vanished.


“Oh, oh!”


Someone cried and started running toward the wall as fast as he could.


Perhaps the joy of freedom was too much for him, or he just wished to defy the prince’s orders and flee.


The man with a terrible look on his face tried to attack Duke.




I mumbled as I looked at him.


With a snap of Duke’s fingers, the man falls to the ground crumpled.

The man was held back by magic power and seemed unable to stand up, even though he tried to struggle to his feet.




Nate spits out, “Idiot”.


“Can I trust you with him”


Duke turned to Nate.


“Yeah, sorry about that.

I’ll take care of it.



A tall, red-haired man standing behind him responded to Nate’s voice.

He lifted the prone man in front of Duke and carried him lightly to Nate’s side.


Amazing muscular strength….

Lifting a grown man with one hand.


“Stay quiet.”


Nate glared at the man, who turned away without saying anything.


“Look, guys, we have to decide before leaving here not to do anything stupid and stick to it.

Anyone who doesn’t want to follow my command, come on out.

I’ll deal with you personally.”


Nate said, with a raised voice.

Everyone fell silent at the sound of his voice.


The air was filled with tension.

No one here dared to fight Nate.


Nate was the strongest person in this impoverished village.

Everyone understood that even if they stood up to him, they would not be able to win.


After all, didn’t he fight against Alicia on an equal footing… unbelievable


I look at Gramps.

To my thoughts that “Alicia was a badass”, Gramps’ eyes agreed without words.


There were so many eccentric people around her that it was difficult to tell what was normal.


Even if Alicia were stripped of her great nobility, she could live anywhere.

She might become a commoner and achieve even more extraordinary success.


While I was thinking about this, more and more villagers in the impoverished village were walking towards the outside world.


“What a breath of fresh air!”


“What’s with this dazzling light”


“It’s called the Sun, apparently.”


Various voices echoed in my ears.

Everyone was impressed by the outside world.


The forest was dim and eerie, but the sun was faintly visible.

And unlike the caged air of the impoverished village, the air in the outside world was very clean.


Gramps smiled serenely at the sound of joy in their voices.


I detest the people of this country that trapped me in this place, but I still do adore this country.


I knew what I was saying was contradictory.

…but just to be clear, I love this country because of Alicia.


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