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All the villagers in the impoverished village were released.

Except for the first one, there was not a single person who went out of control.


…Everyone’s mood had changed a lot, which was unthinkable before Alicia’s arrival in the village.


Nate was in charge of them all.

I felt safe with him as the captain.

It seemed that Duke trusted him too.


Gramps returned to the palace.

He looked like he was about to cry when Duke told him.


That was where he originally lived….

I’m sure you’ll get used to your old life soon.


I wondered if they are now engaged in a pleasant conversation with the king.


I stretched out my arms to the sky in the courtyard of the school, vaguely imagining that I was also having a good conversation with the king.


Too many things were happening lately, and I was tired….


Alicia was deported from the country, so I probably shouldn’t be tired due to something so trivial.

But, knowing her, I believed she would be having a good time in Ravaal.


She may be the daughter of a noble family, but her ability to adapt to her environment was extremely high.


I wondered what kind of life she had to go through to grow up like that.

I’d seen a lot of young ladies since I started at this school, but there was no one like her.


There were several intelligent, slightly odd people.

But she is too different.


I’d never heard of a young lady wielding a sword, nor had anyone else attained that level of magic.


She wouldn’t feel the shock of a small explosion unless they dropped a ridiculously large bomb on her first.


Well, I finally had peace…but not for long.


She walked straight towards me.


“Liz Cather.”


I gathered myself and looked at her after muttering quietly.


I never thought the day would come when I would have to face her one-on-one….

Until now, there was always someone or something around.


…I mean, it was rare to see her alone, too.

I wonder where the usual members of her entourage went.


“Gilles, kun.”


It was the first time she called my name.

I had always called her by her full name.


I stared at her, a little frightened.

I had no intention of getting along with her.

Besides, I didn’t like her at all.


I wasn’t directly harmed, but after seeing what Liz Cather did and said up until now, I just couldn’t bring myself to stand on her side.




“…Do you hate me”


Her emerald green eyes gazed straight at me.

If I let my guard down, I felt as if I might be sucked into those eyes.


I could feel my ability to think had decreased a little.


Was this the magic of fascination


It was a difficult thing to go through.

She herself was a person of considerable magical power.

Most people would fall victim to this magic unless they had a strong core.


“Is there a problem if I don’t like you”


“Have I done something wrong”


“Are you trying to win me over”


“No way! I just wanted to talk to you, Gilles, and try to understand more about your situation.”


I didn’t know where the leak came from, but before I knew it, it had become a big rumor that I was from the impoverished village.


I honestly thought they’d find out sooner.

They were suspicious of me from the beginning, but I was able to hide it better than I thought.




Liz Cather’s face clouded at my words.


She may have been trying to be kind, but I didn’t need anyone’s help right now.

I was saved by a (self-proclaimed) villainess before the saints showed up.


Besides, if I may say so, I was quite twisted.

I was often considered a pain in the neck by everyone except those I trusted.


“You know, I really wanted to save the impoverished village.”


She said that with a little moisture in her eyes.


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