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T/N: Today Id like to thank my two cookie donors, Danielle and Anthony! Thanks for the sweets guys ❤ And sorry for the wait I got sucked into Omniscient Readers Viewpoint and got lost in another world for a couple days hehe

When we had returned home, Finn-Sama, Gayle-Sama, Curtis-Sama, and Duke-Sama were there waiting for us.

“Did you guys go somewhere” Alan-Oniisama asks outright the moment we walk in.

Sorry Alan-Oniisama….

It hadnt been our intention to leave you behind like that, it just sort of happened that way…..

So please, theres no need to sulk so much.

“We went to the town for a bit.”

“And on horseback, no less,” Henry-Oniisama and Eric-Sama say before I have a chance to reply.

I wonder why Duke-Sama is glaring like that at Eric-Sama and Henry-Oniisama…

“Dont tell me… you shared a horse with Ali-chan”

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Ali-chan Thats the first time Ive ever heard someone call me that.

As expected of Curtis-Sama, such a lady-killer.

“Nah, Alicia rode one by herself,” Henry-Oniisama says, laughing.

Hearing this, Duke-Samas expression softens slightly.

“Aww, I wanted to go on a date with Alicia, too~” Finn-sama says, a smile breaking out on his face.

To all the shotacons living in this nation, please take a good look.

This is a face that Im sure youll all faint for.

But in the first place, that wasnt a date.

How could three people going somewhere be considered a date

“Ali-chan, is there anywhere else that youd like to visit” Curtis-Sama asks, glancing at me.

Just from this small interaction, I somehow get the feeling that hes already quite familiar with how to treat women.

Hmm, somewhere that Ive been wanting to go…..

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“I have been wanting to take the sword skills test….”

But before Curtis-Sama can reply to my musings, Albert-Oniisama cuts in.

“Absolutely not.”

Instant rejection! Thats a bit offensive.

“But you, Alan-Oniisama, and Henry-Oniisama are all allowed to go, so why cant I”

At my sudden inquiry, Albert-Oniisama thinks silently for a moment before answering.

“Because youre a girl, Ali.”

……What sorry excuse for a reason is that! Thats so unfair!

“It doesnt make sense that I cant take it just because Im a girl.”

“Nevertheless, no means no.”

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“Thats so unreasonable! If you wont let me go, then you should at least be able to give me a justifiable reason for why Im not allowed!”

Albert-Oniisama seems at a loss for words at my retort.

And in that instant, the friendly mood from before is all but forgotten as the whole group sinks into an awkward silence.

I guess this is what youd call a tense atmosphere.

When I speak, my voice resounds throughout that whole deathly silent room.

“Ive been learning how to wield a sword because I want to become stronger.

And to continue to do that, its imperative that I know what level my skills are currently at!”

“Regardless, I cant allow it.”

“But why!”

“Alicia!! Thats enough!!” shouts Albert-Oniisama.

This is the first time hes ever yelled at me.

Its probably even the first time hes ever gotten mad at me before.

Ever since I was little, no matter how willful or selfish I was acting, he would always smile and laugh it off….

But not this time.

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Naturally, at this moment I can feel my eyes growing misty.

Not like I can help it though.

I am still only a 10-year-old girl after all.

Of course I would feel like crying after being yelled at.

Not because Im sad though.

Rather, they are tears of anger and frustration.

Why am I the only one whos not allowed to take the test

I doubt that its written anywhere in the rules that women arent allowed to attend….

So is it because Im a noblewoman

No matter how I think about it, I just cant understand.

“Alicia, Im sorry for yelling,” Albert-Oniisama apologizes, reaching over to pat my head.

But before he can touch me, I bat his hand away.

Albert-Oniisama, Im a villainess, you know…..

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At my callous action, his eyes go wide and his whole body stiffens.

“Apology not accepted,” I say while looking straight into Albert-Oniisamas eyes.

The air in the room seems to freeze over at my cold remark.

….After being yelled at I was seriously livid, but as each moment passes by, my anger is calming down quite quickly.

I never can stay angry for long.

I might have been stubbornly questioning the injustice of not being allowed to go, but honestly I already knew that there was nothing that I could say to make him change his mind.

And even if I could, theres no way Father would have given his permission anyway.

But what should I do now….. I cant stand this uncomfortable ambiance.

I guess my only option is to act like Im still angry.

So, without a word I stalk out of the room.

The moment the door shuts behind me, I take in a huge breath of air and let my tense muscles relax a bit.

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Today was so tiring…..

I should just go to bed.

I feel a bit bad that I left Albert-Oniisama and them in such an awkward situation, but right now I just feel so satisfied with myself.

I had acted so perfectly villainous that I can hardly contain my excitement! My demeanor and lines were so amazing, I was practically a model villainess!

And so, with a small skip in my step, I happily head off towards my room.


T/N: Lol, this chapter brings me back to my childhood.

That “but whyyyyyy” argument brings back such fond() memories XD It was so frustrating being told you cant do something, but then not being given a good reason to not be allowed.

Thats definitely one thing I love about being an adult.

Dont worry, Alicia, Im sure your time will come soon enough~!


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