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T/N: Today Id like to thank my Cookie Donor, Gina! This time I decided to get some ingredients to make some homemade chocolate muffins *drools* XD


Its morning already.

I wonder what sort of face I should make when I see Albert-Oniisama

Maybe I should just skip sword practice for today….. No.

Shirking training will only end up being my loss.

I leave my room and trudge towards the garden, but as Im walking through the halls I happen to overhear some voices.

Is that Albert-Oniisama and Father talking

How good is my luck to run into Oniisama right out the door

“I ended up making Ali mad.”

“Should we have told her the real reason after all”

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The real reason Whats that I really want to know!

“No, I think we did the right thing in hiding it.”

Aww, hey! How could you say that right after making me so curious!

“Please, tell me.”

I dont know if its just because I really want to know, or maybe it was my guilty conscience over eavesdropping, but without even thinking about it I had stepped out from my hiding place and strode confidently towards them.


Seeing me appear in front of him so suddenly, Albert-Oniisamas expression turns awkward.

Please dont mind it, Oniisama.

Im not bothered by what happened yesterday at all anymore.

Though, maybe I shouldnt actually tell him that.

Id like to continue teasing him with this for a little while longer.

As a true villainess would, of course.

“So you were here, Alicia”

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“Yes, Father.

Please, whats your real reason that I cant go”

Father closes his mouth, clenching his teeth slightly.

I wonder why he cant just tell me Is it something that must be kept secret But considering Im the one primarily affected, I think that I at least should have the right to know.


“Alicia, Ill make sure to tell you before you enter the magic academy, alright”

But theres still five more years before Ill enter the academy!

Is it something that he cant tell me because Im still a child

As frustrating as it is, I doubt theres anything I can say that would change his mind….

I guess I have no choice but to acquiesce.

“I understand, Father.”

“Thats a good girl,” Father says fondly, ruffling my hair.

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I wish hed stop treating me like a kid, but I guess a 10-year-old still is considered a child.

And yesterday I might have gone a bit too far when I was fighting with Albert-Oniisama.

I wonder if I should apologize to him

……But then again….

I didnt actually say anything wrong, so I dont think an apology would be absolutely necessary, right

Plus, a villainess is not someone who should apologize so easily.

Even though Albert-Oniisama is looking my way with such a pitiful look in his eyes, I need to stay strong.

I am a proud villainess! I will not yield!

…………Ugh, I didnt realize being a villainess would be such a harsh job.

I mean, how easy would it be to tell Oniisama not to worry about it

Agh! What is with this stuffy feeling

I may want to become a proper villainess, but I hate this bitter, unresolved sensation.

But, then again, if I told him not to worry about it, might that come off as a sarcastic remark anyway

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“Albert-Sama, its almost time,” a maid calls out to Albert-Oniisama while Im still lost in thought, agonizing over what to do.

Thats right, I almost forgot! Albert-Oniisama still has to go to school.

And just like that, Im standing alone in the hall.

I wasnt able to say anything to him in the end.

…….What should I do about this I dont know how to get rid of this uncomfortable atmosphere thats come between us.

…..Should I consult Grandpa Will about it

Thisll be my first time visiting the impoverished village while its daylight.


T/N: Overprotective Probably.

Unfair Maybe.

But thats childhood haha.

At least this situation should be coming from her familys desire to protect her.

I feel the tough, slightly stuffy love… Even as Im dying to know what this amazing reason is XD


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