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I could see Liz Cather’s face tense up a bit, as if she sensed my change in mood.


Sorry, Liz Cather, but it wasn’t my intention to be mean to you.


My instincts were telling me to reject you, and there was nothing I could do about it.


“What is it about Alicia that makes her so lonely Lonely is a rather unsuitable word.”


“Because she rejects everyone like that! She doesn’t want to face people.”


“She faced me head on, though.”


“So, why are you so cold to the students at this school You should be nicer to people.

No matter how noble a person is, they should never discriminate against others.”



It can’t be helped that one has to choose between those who benefit them and those who don’t.

It is absolutely impossible for all of humanity to get along.”


Liz Cather’s eyes widened, and she froze at my words.


It seemed that no more words could come out of her mouth.


I understood that what I was saying was cheeky.

But what Liz Cather said was arrogant, too.


People around Liz Cather were simply out of their minds.


Besides, Alicia had faced Liz Cather very straight-forwardly as her watchdog.


“Rather, you should be the one who should be thankful to Alicia.”


I muttered in a small voice, so she wouldn’t hear me.


“Well, I’m done with this.”


Nothing would come of staying here any longer.


Liz spoke up just as I was about to walk away from her.


“Gilles-kun, hold on a second.

Please listen to me.

This is the last time.”


Liz looked at me pleadingly.


Why was she so desperate Maybe she didn’t have any friends at school


“I know I’m acting crazy trying to tell you this, but please listen to me, Gilles.”


She looked like she was about to cry.


Even so, I was still a man.

I couldn’t leave a girl who seemed like she was about to cry.

Or rather, if I ignored Liz Cather in this situation, Alicia would get angry with me.




“Will you listen to me”


“Just a minute.

I’m just going to talk to you for a minute, so get on with it.”


Liz smiled happily, despite the fact that I had meant to say it harshly.


…If she needed someone to talk to so badly, she should have talked to her followers, who would have sympathized with her.



…I’ve never told anyone this, but I’ve always had a complex about being from a commoner background.

No matter how much I tell myself, I can’t help my status.

People around me would look at me with disdain.

I thought that if I just tried to be myself, I’d be fine, but that didn’t work out so well.”


Liz Cather gives a small chuckle as she says this.

Then, after a pause, she continues.


“The look of disdain the other students give Alicia-chan.

I know those eyes.

There wasn’t a single girl who wouldn’t mind being looked at with such hostility.”


…Alicia, she would be elated.


I thought to myself as I looked at Liz Cather, who was looking me in the eyes and speaking seriously.


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