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As I headed home after being holed up in the library, I recalled the events of the day.


The expression on Liz Cather’s face as she fought for her love was stuck in my head.

I could not get the details out of my head at all.


Her values were entirely different from mine, and I was unable to understand them.

I was so angry after listening to her, but I also felt sorry for her when it came to Duke.


Maybe Liz Cather’s need for approval was satisfied by having many people around her who she believed could understand her.

And she probably wanted to feel like she was right.


It must be pretty painful to be so unappreciated by someone you love, and I could never forgive Liz Cather because Alicia had almost died because of her, but I did feel like I understood her a little better.


For the first time, I thought Liz Cather was human.


“So it’s up to Duke whether he can use her or not.”


I gently closed the book I was holding.


At the same time I noticed someone come into the room.


“Arnold, quickly, just tell me what you need me to do.”


… was that Gayle’s father


I turned to look in the direction of the voice.

A grim-looking man with gray hair and glasses appeared.

It was definitely Johan, Gayle’s father.


“Hold on a second.

I want you to take a look at this.”


With these words, Arnold looked around the bookshelf for a few moments and picked up one book.


It was an old book with gold embroidered designs.

I had not read that book yet.


Arnold blew on the book and dust on it fluttered.


Johan looked at him suspiciously and asked, “What is that book” as he stared at it.


I, too, stared hard at the book, with my eyes straining to see what I was.


“I just remembered what Albert had once told me after all this time.”


“So, what is it about”


“The night before Alicia changed, a black rose bloomed.”


“A black rose”


“You’ve heard of it, too.

It’s the flower that is said to bloom the moment a person who holds the fate of a country in his or her hands is born.”



You know, the one where a rose of a special color blooms.

As I recall, when the saint was born, a shining golden rose bloomed.”


“She was a commoner, so it was a little tricky to find, though.

I was so focused on the saint that I forgot all about it.”


Arnold’s words made Johan’s expression even grimmer.


If he pondered any further, his face would wrinkle up.


…Still, having two people who hold the fate of a country in their hands was outrageous news.


I wonder if it would be safe for me to listen to super-secret information from the government.

I wouldn’t be erased, would I


“Besides, you remember There was a beautiful blue rose on the day the prince was born.”


Oh, now it’s changed to three.


Johan’s words made my head spin.


I remember that the blue rose meant miracle.

The black rose meant eternity.

And a golden rose means jealousy.


Well, that was just in the language of flowers….


Then again, it was Duke who held the fate of this country in his hands the most, wasn’t it


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