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Williams Family’s Eldest Daughter, Alicia (Age: 16)


…Captain Marius, what stupid strength.


My body was pressed up against the desk, and I was stuck in a position from which I couldn’t escape.


The entire atmosphere tensed under Victor’s pressure as he silently poured alcohol on my head.


Oh, you have no manners for a Lady, do you Do you really dislike the first prince that much


The liquor trickled from my eyelashes.


“Give me your finger.”


His eyes seemed to say, “You’ll never be able to use magic again.” 


I wonder if he remembers who was the one who got him the fairy in the first place.


“Did you get any other information about me from that glasses guy”


I asked as I looked into Victor’s eyes.

By “that glasses guy”, I meant the arena manager.


Captain Marius and the others looked at me, wondering how I could ask such a question under these circumstances.


“I don’t have much information.

All I know is that you’re a crazy kid who’s been deported.”


Victor answered with a frown.


That means that the manager didn’t find out anything about me.

I wondered if I could go back to that arena again, with a charge of insolence this time.


I wanted to find out a little more about what was going on in there, though.


“What do you think you’re doing”


“The prince wouldn’t be able to cut off my finger.”


I said with a big smile.


At the same time, I kicked Captain Marius with my back foot as hard as I could, causing him to fall to his feet on the desk as I stood up.

He was wobbly from my kick to his face.


As Victor and I conversed, I felt that Captain Marius’ pressure on me had been weakening.


It was much easier than I had expected to get out of it.


“That’s quite a flexible body you’ve got there.”


Kate-sama said as she looked at me in admiration.


I glared down at Victor as he sat down.

He rolled his eyes at me, perhaps not expecting this behavior.


“Because I am stronger than the prince can imagine.”


I raised the corners of my mouth in a villainess-like manner as I stared down at him.


Since he knew I was a woman, I had to play the villainess role well!


[I thought I heard a loud noise.

What is going on while I’m sleeping!!!]


Suddenly, I heard Kii yelling.

She was flying beside me, flapping her wings.


Sorry, Kii.

I didn’t have time for you right now.

So, I would be ignoring you.


“True, I have no idea how strong you are.

So, tell me, how strong are you really”


Suddenly, his attitude changes.

Where’s that deadly energy you had just now Do you have multiple personalities


“Tell me what your limits are.

I’ll have to ask you directly to find out.”


…Could it be that Victor was setting me up


Was he acting out so that he could find out how strong I really was


Victor’s small grin was not lost on me.

I sighed heavily.


Every prince I know always gets the better of me.


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