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Should I show my true strength


No, but I should be humble here… but was it right for a villainess to be humble No, but it would be better if I didn’t show off my magic in front of everyone.


“What are you so confused about You said you were the strong one.”


“That was the prince driving me into it… Besides, true strength is not something to be flaunted.”


“That’s like a quote from some hero.”


“A hero Not some villainess”


Victor frowned.

Even Grandfather looked at me as if to say, “What are you talking about”.


If we share the same blood, I wanted you to be able to understand what I was talking about.


“What are you talking about”


I heard Captain Marius’ voice behind me.

I could easily imagine the look on his face right now.


“Villainess are good at deception.

That’s why they don’t do dumb things like exposing all their power.”


“…And what about it”


Victor spoke up with a dubious look on his face.


Maybe they didn’t understand why I was trying to be a villainess


A Villainess would never call herself a Villainess, would she


It would be convenient to have a card saying “I am a Villainess” hanging around the neck, so that people could easily recognize “Oh, that person is a Villainess!”…


“I mean, I’m thinking of a trick.”


“I’m surprised that someone who is planning a bad trick would be so kind as to tell me that.”


Suddenly, Victor started grinning.


How could he change his expression so often, he was the opposite of Duke-sama.


[She’s been ignoring me since a while ago….

Poor Kii…]


I noticed the fairy beside me, who appeared to be depressed.

I felt as if the glimmer of light had dimmed, if only in my heart.


I wondered if fairies were delicate creatures.


“I’m sorry, Kii.

Let’s talk a lot later.”


[…Where’s the person trying to be a Villainess]


Kii suddenly raised her face from her prone position and muttered with a straight face.


Even the fairy made fun of me now.

I should have more magical power than she does….


“What kind of evil tricks are you thinking of”


Victor ignored Kii and started talking to me.


Even though he couldn’t hear what the fairy was saying, he could have been a little more attentive to the fairy.


I mean, I hadn’t given much thought to evil trickery, as I had just said it at random.


Victor looked at me with amusement.

He had the expression of a man who was thinking of playing a trick on me.


“If I told you about the tricks, it wouldn’t make any sense, would it”


I replied with a big smile.


This was the only way to get through it without saying anything extra.


“Surely, that’s true, too.”


Victor nodded casually.


That was a good thing, but I was surprised at how easily he was convinced, which frightened me.


He raised the corner of his mouth in a small smile and looked straight at me.

The expression on his face sent chills down my spine.


I had a feeling that he was going to say something unpleasant to me.

Could it be that I was going to be beheaded because I told him that I was thinking of doing something evil If that happens, the only thing I could do was run away.


“It’s just a matter of keeping an eye on you at all times.

From now on, you are sleeping in my room.”




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