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“Is your brain rotten”


Oh, I said it out loud.


It was because he said something outrageous out of nowhere.

What kind of thought process did this country’s prince have


“Did I misspeak”


Captain Marius and the others were terrified, but I continued with a smile on my face.


As an expert Villainess, I couldn’t be impatient in this situation.


…I mean, I wondered if he knew what he was talking about.

I would never sleep in the same room as someone who knew I was a woman, no matter how much of an escort I was to protect Victor.


I wonder if his brain wasn’t rotten, rather he lost his brain….


“You’re thinking of something really rude right now, aren’t you”


“No, not at all.”


“Well, whatever you’re thinking doesn’t matter.

You’re going to sleep in my room.”


“I’m uncertain if I understand what you mean by that…”


When word got around at school that I was sleeping in the same room as Duke-sama, it was a big deal, and now with the prince of Ravaal… hmmm


Could it be that I have turned into an outrageous Villainess who seduced a country’s prince


A Villainess who could be seducing all kinds of men No, I was the one being seduced.


“It’s a kind of surveillance.”




“You really don’t know your place, do you You are more than just a soldier.

You are a person of interest.”


“Oh, I’m that kind of person”


I had no idea he was thinking of me in that way without my knowledge.


“You know…”


Victor sighed heavily and held his head.


“You’re a dangerous thing, you know that There can’t be that many kids like you around.”


Danger itself….

How wonderful that sounded!


This was just the kind of Villainess compliment I was looking for.

I feel like I have finally accomplished a great feat at last, being recognized as a dangerous person.


“I’m certain that’s not a compliment.”


I heard Captain Marius whisper behind me.


“I’m going to personally watch over you.

You should be grateful.”


I didn’t like the way he was looking at me from above, but maybe being monitored wouldn’t be so bad after all, since I had also been in a watchdog role before.


Because a Villainess should always be monitored.


“I don’t think you will learn anything about me even if you monitored me, though.”


“I doubt that.”


What’s with that provoking look….


I mean, I already felt that Victor had seen right through me countless times.


“If the world were to expose me as a woman in the future, the prince would be the one in trouble.

I definitely don’t want to be killed by the prince’s fiancée.”


“Don’t worry.

I have refused every engagement.

I have no interest in any of them.

Well, I won’t be bothered by any strange rumors about you.”


No, it was not you that would be in trouble.


“I’m going to have a problem with that.”


“Do you have a crush on a guy”


Why did Victor want to look into my mind so badly


If I mentioned Duke-sama’s name, there would be a war.

I was currently loyal to Victor.


“Well, I wonder.”


I gave a small smile as I tried to deceive him.


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