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I hastily wrapped a cloth around my eye and got dressed.

I walked next to him through the castle with no particular purpose in mind.


My guess would be that he would take me straight to his room and give me a rousing speech about how wonderful the facilities in his room were.


Victor was a very selfish prince, but bragging must have been his specialty.


…I need to get a head start before that happens.


“May I have a day off”


“You’re a cheeky little brat, aren’t you”


Victor immediately answered.


Who do you think helped you acquire the fairy Well, it’s not like I helped him because I needed something from him…


No, I was Villainess.

Maybe I could use this as a bargaining chip.


“Am I not the only one who can speak with the fairy Can’t you at least do me a favor”


“Have you forgotten that those old men are here too”


Victor said in response to my words.



When he put it like that, there was nothing I could say in response.

And what’s more, calling them old men, you really don’t know what to be afraid of, do you


Come to think of it, Kii was overpowered by my magic, wasn’t she To be honest, I’m wondering if he’d be more likely to ascend to the throne if he had me in his possession.


“Why am I being treated so poorly when Kii is carefully kept in a beautiful room and only being watched over”


“Fairies are delicate creatures.

They must be treated with care, you know, or they might just disappear.”


“I might disappear too.”


I said quietly, looking at him sideways.


I won’t be in Ravaal Kingdom for a long time, you know.

It is entirely possible that I will vanish from his sight at some point.


“Getting the fairies is a condition for becoming king, but I’d rather lose a fairy than you…”


“Lose me”


He might have muttered it in a low voice, so I couldn’t understand, but fortunately, I had excellent hearing.


Victor didn’t say anything after that.


It seems like losing me would be more disadvantageous than losing the fairy.

I at least have a rough idea of my own worth now.


“The prince is lonely, isn’t he”


I said this with a brighter voice than usual.


Let’s dare use an aggressive style here.


“Yeah, that’s probably true.

This castle will be quiet when you’re gone.”


…Is that a compliment No.

Is he belittling me


It was hard to tell.

And what’s with the glum expression It didn’t suit Victor.


I was only trying to get a day off.

Why was there such a tense atmosphere rather than a heated argument


“But you’ll get used to it.

You’ll feel strange at first, but before you know it, life without me will be normal.”


“Well, if that’s the case, you’re going to leave a ridiculously huge claw mark.”


“Oh, I’m flattered.”


“…You, you should be a little more aware of your accent.

The way you speak is aristocratic.”


Victor muttered that much and walked faster.


No way… Does this mean he knew that I was an aristocrat and not just a commoner woman


I hurried after him, perplexed.


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