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“Do you want to end the epidemic”


I said as I turned to Victor.


“Of course.

There have already been too many casualties.

Do you have any solutions”


“I do, but do you think I’m going to tell you for free”


When negotiating, I wanted to be in a better position than the other party.


Victor frowned as he spoke.


“What do you want Jewelry Gold”


“Prince, are you a fool”




He turned his sharp eyes on me.

You forgot that I was a girl, didn’t you


“I already told you that I wanted a vacation.

Also, please allow me to meet the first prince.”


I said with a big smile.


I’d love to meet the First Prince, whom Victor despised, and Victor was the only one who would be able to meet him in person.


No matter how much he loathed the idea of the First Prince being brought up, he would have to agree to this condition….


“You have clearly not learned your lesson.

You already know how much I dislike that guy.”


“Please don’t put your personal feelings into the negotiation.

Isn’t it necessary for you to act logically, considering only the advantages and disadvantages, in order to become king”


Victor used to irritate me as well.

It’d be nice to get back at him in this way.


“Huh, I’ve fallen so low that I’m being pushed around by this little brat’s suggestions.”


“Your way of phrasing it! That means I am better than you.”


“I ain’t convinced, but I guess I’ll have to accept those terms.”


“Thank you for responding so quickly.

I’ll take a vacation once a week.”




Victor’s eyes widened, and his voice arose.


Considering how much I had been working, I could not afford to ignore the labor code.

I needed to take a day off once a week.


And besides, I should get a bonus for the expedition.

If I didn’t come here to check out the current situation in Ravaal Kingdom, I would sue you.


“So I guess we have a deal!”


“Hey, that’s ridiculous!”


“What is Isn’t it better than me breaking out of here I swear to you, getting out of here would be a piece of cake.”


“If you escape, you’ll never meet the first prince, and you’ll never be educated by those old men.”


Victor began to sound calm.


Indeed, that’s true.

I couldn’t have myself be kicked out of this castle, either.

… that was a negotiation mistake.


If I had said two vacation days per week at the beginning, I could have settled for one.


“But think about it.

By doing so, I should be able to save all of the spotted fever patients, right”


“…Where the hell does such confidence come from”


“Confidence becomes belief one day, and belief is what makes it happen.”


I looked at Victor as if I were shooting holes through him.


“Why are you willing to go to such lengths for another country Do you want to be a hero”


“What are you talking about”


I looked at Victor as if he were an idiot.

He looked a little puzzled, as if he didn’t expect me to have such a look on my face.


“I’m notorious for being more of an anti-hero, you know”


“I’ve never heard of such a thing.”


Victor immediately clicks his tongue.


“Think about it.

After saving everyone, how could a villain like me not take advantage of them”


“Huh I don’t know you anymore.

I don’t think I can understand you anymore… no, well, just keep talking.”


Victor seemed to have given up trying to understand me.


“If I could just get one Maddie flower, it would be possible to cure all the patients of spotted disease.”



Won’t that be what people call a hero”


It was kind of refreshing to see Victor’s puzzled look.


“After that.

They’ll thank me, won’t they That’s what I’m going for!”


“What are you going to do”


“I’m going to make them work harder and tax them more now that they’re healthy.”


I said, making a Villainess expression with the corners of my mouth.


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