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Victor was offended and irritated by my words.


I wonder if he never learned patience just because he is a prince of a great country.


“Do you even know what you’re talking about”


“Of course I do.”


I have known exactly what I was supposed to do and what I was supposed to be doing since I became Alicia Williams.


“Because people’s lives are at stake, the prince has no veto right from the beginning.”


“Are you threatening me”




I replied with a smile.


Could someone please take a picture of me now with the latest video camera A woman threatens the second prince of the Ravaal country! What a headline that would make the….


“How are you going to help us”


Victor asked in a slightly calmer tone.


“Oh, you’re going to listen to me”


“For now, I’m just going to listen to what you have to say.”


Victor stared at me with a disapproving look on his face.


“That’s easy.

All I have to do is get 1 Maddie, and duplicate it with duplication magic.”


“…It’s not that easy when you use duplicating magic, though.”


“I can handle it.”


I replied confidently to Victor’s bitter smile.


It was a unique type of dark magic, so Grandpa could do it, but….


“You still don’t seem to understand that Maddie is not something you can easily obtain.

They bloom on high cliffs, but do you have any idea how dangerous those cliffs are”


“How dangerous”


“What if I told you they are more dangerous than the Death Forest”


Victor looked at me as if he were testing me.

Of course, I was excited about that!


A Villainess must always be next to danger!


“…Why are your eyes shining so brightly after hearing that”


He took a step back as he looked at me.


That was rude.

I should be praised for my ambition.


“I think you are mistaken about something.

Maddie is one of the most ridiculously overpriced item among the nobility.

It blooms several times a year, but one should expect to collect fewer than one.”


“You mean you only get one every few years or so”



That’s what I mean.

That’s how many of the nobility die, too.”


He said with a bitter look on his face.


“You haven’t collected this year’s sample yet”



But don’t get too cocky just because you’re not like the others.

Even you might lose your life if you go to that cliff to get Maddie.

If you die trying to save someone else, what’s the point”


“…Are you worried about me”


“Of course not! Why should I worry about you”


Victor suddenly raised his voice.


Of course, since we went to the Forest of Death together, I’d appreciate it if he was even slightly concerned about me.


…Maybe Victor was worried about me, but he was embarrassed to let me know about it.


I could understand that much even though I had only known Victor for a short time.


“Thank you.”


I bowed politely and turned to leave.


It was time to get out of this room!


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