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“I told you I’d keep an eye on you.

No more questions are allowed.”


With that, Victor forced me to end the conversation.


Although I still wasn’t convinced, if that’s what he said, I had no choice.

No matter how much I asked, he wouldn’t tell me….


I wondered if he distrusted me so much that he had to risk his life just to follow me, his subordinate, to keep an eye on me.

Or was it just concern Maybe it was the former.


“I understand.

I’ll be careful!”


I wouldn’t know how to respond in a situation like this.


“I’m going to meet the three brains of this country, so you don’t have to monitor me right now.”


I said and left the place.


Ah! I was finally free!


I wondered if Victor was more lonely than I had thought.

I mean, I’d have to tell him every single thing I did from now on.

What a hassle!


Maybe I had been captured by a very troublesome prince.


Oh, and I also forgot to ask when I could meet the first prince.

…I’m going to meet Victor tonight anyway, so I should just ask him then.


I thought, as I walked down the shiny, polished hallway.




“I was just wondering where you were, since you should have been here by now.”


As soon as I walked into the room where the old men were, Kate-sama greeted me with an inquiry.


Looking at the beaming smile on her face, I was honestly terrified as to how she knew that.


It didn’t seem like she used magic, and I wondered if this was the result of her great intuition that she had cultivated over the years.

I should learn from her!


Despite my arrival, Grandfather and Mark-sama were still playing chess in the back.


I was torn between thinking it was a quirk and needing them to be more interested in me.


“I guess I won.”


Grandfather muttered without laughing.

At the same time, Mark-sama clanks down the piece that seems to be the king.


I could make a scene for a movie out of their movements right now.

That’s how powerful their aura is.


“Well, could you please teach me various things”


“Various what”


Kate-sama looked at me as if she were testing me.


I wondered if they knew that I could use magic.

Well, I have not yet shown it publicly…


My eyes locked with Grandfather’s.


Come to think of it, I wondered how I had survived that day.


When I came out of the lake in the forest of death, it seemed that my body had felt better thanks to Grandfather.

But I don’t remember any healing magic being used on me.

The only thing I could think of under the circumstances was that he had given me magical power….


If so, someone must have known that I could use magic….

What should I do


“Why bother thinking about it so much You want us to share our knowledge with you, don’t you”


Oh, maybe they didn’t know I could use magic


Well, if they did, I was going to ask them to give me a magic lesson, but this should be more convenient!


“Eh! Really! Please take good care of me!”


I said vigorously as I bowed my head.


From there, they taught me many things until the sun went down.


I forgot to eat and instead listened to their stories.

They all had different values and ways of thinking, but one thing they all had in common was that they all wished for peace in this world.


The more I listened to them, the more I thought about them and came up with many opinions.


I remember my first meeting with Uncle Will.

I was surprised to find such a wise man, but the world was much larger than that.


How stupid the Duelkis Nation was to give these three people away.


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