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“You’re a very quick-witted young lady, aren’t you”


Kate muttered as she covered Alicia with a soft blanket after she had fallen asleep from exhaustion.


“I’m not certain why she talked to the fairy in front of everyone.”


Kate giggled at Mark’s words.


“I bet she has no idea that I erased that part from everyone’s memory after that.”


“That’s the most dangerous thing about being smart and out of it.”


“Then again, she’s had a hell of an experience at her age.

…Albert, you think so too, don’t you”


Kate looked at Albert.


He didn’t say anything and just kept staring at Alicia.

He gently touches her hair and strokes it.


“You, too, can have that look in your eyes”


Mark said, looking a little surprised as he looked at Albert.


For them, who often witnessed his stuffy expression, Albert’s gaze on Alicia must have been new to them.


“Why in the world are you here”


Albert muttered as he stared at Alicia.


“You can’t be deported from the country unless you do something really bad.

A daughter of one of the five most important noble families….

What’s going on in Duelkis right now”


Kate’s words made Mark and Albert think.


They decided not to mention that they knew Alicia’s true identity, but they had too many questions they wanted to ask Alicia.


“That country sure is fond of deporting bright people, isn’t it”


Kate chuckled as she said this.


“I’m like you in that I have no trouble making an effort.”


Mark said as he shifted his gaze from Alicia to Albert.


Albert, who remained silent for a moment after hearing his words, said


“She and I are very different.

When you are wise to a certain extent, effort is something you neglect.

But no matter how smart she becomes, she will never understand the word ‘limit’.

She is always looking to the present and far into the future, and she never becomes complacent.

I could never do that.”


“…Not many people can do that.

She’s special.”


Mark responded to Albert’s words.


They stood there watching Alicia for a while before Albert gently picked her up and carried her to Victor’s bedroom.


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