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After leaving the old library, I went to work with Duke, and sure enough, the students who were closing in on Duke were indeed very active.


Students who had previously been afraid of Duke were now approaching him without any fear.


All of them were the same, praising Liz Cather.


Could it be that Liz Cather’s love for him was growing stronger and more magical


“Excuse me, Your Highness.

I’m a fan of Alicia-sama!”


One of the girls said to Duke before rushing away from us.


I knew that hidden Alicia fans existed, but this was the first time I heard one say so publicly.


I wondered if she would be bullied tomorrow, that girl.

Well, if she loved Alicia, she would be able to stay strong.


…No, I should not put them on the same level because Alicia had an exceptional mentality.


“I wonder if there is something unusual about her.”


Mel stared at the back of the girl student from earlier, wide-eyed. 


“Unfortunately, I’m in the minority of people who like my younger sister.”


“Well, your brothers were Liz followers, right”


Henry thought for a moment about my words before answering.


“That leaves out Alan.

Big Brother Al is now an Ali supporter.

He’s a smart guy to begin with, so he must have realized his mistake.

He apologized to me too.

I didn’t expect Big Brother Al to bow down to me.”


“I see, so he has really changed his mind then.

I guess there’s only one left now.”


“Alan will not be that difficult to convince.

There is no doubt about it because we are twins.”


Henry said, pointing a thumbs up in my direction.


“You sound so confident…”


“So, regarding Alan’s case, why don’t you give it a try”


“Try what”


“We’ll conduct some human experiments with Alan to see if we can break the charm spell.”


Everyone froze at Henry’s words.


That’s quite an outrageous thing to say.

Henry seemed to be the most mature of the group.


Well, it looks like I was the only sane person in this group.


“What exactly are we going to do Specifically”


Mel looks at Henry with a hungry look on her face.


“First, should we try to catch Alan and lock him up, or something”


Duke, that’s a crime.


“Can we use the cabin where Alicia spent the last two years No, could we go somewhere more remote to hide”


Henry, stop answering with a straight face!


Because it really sounds like they would do it… I mean, do you really think so


“Ehhhhh, why not just put him in jail! After what they did to Aliali, wouldn’t that be more appropriate”


“That might be a good idea.”


We should stop them here because they were brothers.

I mean, why am I taking Alan’s side here


At least Duke would make a sane decision, right


I looked at Duke expectantly.


“Well, I guess we’ll just use my dungeon.”


So now even Duke can’t be trusted with this!


“Great, great! No one will bother us there!”


Mel’s cheerful voice echoed in my ears.


…Everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun.

To begin with, kidnapping a nobleman and experimenting on him would normally be considered a crime.


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