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“Henry’s good, even if he’s compared to me.

…You were making fun of me anyway.”


Alan reminded me of the mean me before I met Alicia.


“I’ve never made fun of you.”


“…That’s why it pisses me off.

Henry is a well-behaved, good guy, and being around him makes me feel bad about myself.



Alan’s voice grew weaker and weaker.


Some people improve when they are compared to others, while others deteriorate.

So just because they were twins didn’t mean they had the same disposition.


“I finally got to hear your true feelings.

We’d been avoiding each other for so long that I had no idea how Alan felt about me.”


“Henry doesn’t like me, does he”


“Why do you think so”



Henry and I think very differently.

People always say that we’re not the same.”


“Did Liz’s words, ‘Alan is Alan,’ help you”


Henry asked Alan.


Oh, well, Henry said something like that a long time ago.

I think he expected me to realize such things on my own… Well, it was none of my business.



That was all she said.

It was like everything I’d been holding on to was gone.

Her words and the look she gave me were all so special.

So, I would do anything to protect Liz.”


Alan uttered in a strong voice.


If she had only saved his heart, I could just say “Well done”, but she brought harm to us….


“As a brother, I have to protect my sister.”


“Alicia has gone too far!”


Alan’s voice mingled with Henry’s this time.

His raspy voice could be clearly heard echoing down the corridor.


Wow, Alan’s brain could only think of Liz….


“I’ve always tried to protect Ali too.

She’s a sweet little sister.

And yet, she acts like that towards Liz…”


“Well, it can’t be helped that you would want to protect the woman you have fallen in love with.

But I once asked Ali if she hated Alan.

She replied with a smile, “No, I don’t.” Even if you hated her to the point of wanting to kill her, she wouldn’t hate you.

It wasn’t sarcastic or anything; she meant it.”


Alan froze at Henry’s words.


“Hey, so.

Did I do something terrible to Ali…”


I could tell by the tremor in Alan’s voice that he was upset.


I wondered if we could get him out of his brainwashing before we put him in jail.


No, no, no, it was Henry who said they were going to experiment on people.

He wouldn’t do something stupid like releasing the brainwashing now.


I decided to watch them a little longer.


“Alan, answer this question for me.

Did Alicia ever ask for your help”


Henry said as he looked straight at Alan.


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