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“Did that happen in Ravaal Kingdom on Liz’s birthday”


Henry’s eyes widened.


“I don’t know if it’s true either.

I have also never heard that information before.

So, I just thought she just wanted to tell me that to make me think that Liz was a bad omen….”


Alicia was not the kind of person who would tell such a petty lie.


I guess she was suggesting that the birth of a saint could cause enormous damage to the rest of the world.

Liz was really a nuisance.


The most troubling thing about her was that she was unaware of it.


“I’ll look into it.”


Henry immediately replied.


Oh, wait a minute.

Our original goal was to kidnap Alan!


I wondered why I was being so supportive of the abduction.


“I’ll look into it too.”


Alan’s words made both Henry and I freeze.


“I have to know what the truth is.”


Could it be that the brainwashing had already been broken So, easily


Was it really that simple to free the five great nobles with powerful magical abilities from their brainwashing


“…I want to prove that there is nothing wrong and that Liz is correct.”


He was not yet released from his brainwashing at all!


Liz’s magic was still strong.


But his feelings towards Alicia seem to have calmed down a bit.


Henry looked at me with an expression that said, “This isn’t good.”


I should be more serious, but surprisingly, when I’m with Henry, I couldn’t be more relaxed.


[Hurry up.]


I silently told him.


“Okay, Alan, let’s look for information together!”


Saying this, he grabbed Alan and supported him as much as he could.

At the same time, I saw Alan’s body losing strength.

His hand was dangling down.


Was he dead Did he die before the experiment


Henry supported Alan, wrapped his arms around his neck, and carried him on his back.


He approaches me slowly.

He looked like a murderer carrying a corpse.


“Well, he’s alive, isn’t he”


“Of course he is.

I just gave him a powerful sleeping potion.”


Henry immediately replied.


Alan was sleeping comfortably on Henry’s back, breathing softly.


“That’s good…hmm was it really alright”


That was a real kidnapping move.


“I got Alan safe and sound, that’s good.”



I think that the people in this house have a misunderstanding of what the word “safe” means.


“I thought we were talking about the weather”


“Oh, that’s right, Alan, how’s the weather today It’s so beautiful, isn’t it!”


“It’s very cloudy”


I mutter to myself as I look out the window.


You shouldn’t talk to a sleeping person in such a cheerful tone, no matter how strong the sleeping pills are.


This was the thought that ran through my mind as I walked beside Henry.


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