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I do as Victor requests and simply trail behind him.


…Maybe they’re ready for the Maddie collection trip No, it can’t be that quick.


But that’s all I could possibly ask him right now, you know


“Get in here.”


He stopped abruptly and pointed with his thumb at a heavy door.

I couldn’t even tell how many times my size it was.

I let out a “huh” at his abrupt words.


What kind of shady business was this In my previous life, it would have been an immediate police matter.

At the very least, tell me what we’re going to do.


“By myself”



Are you afraid


“No, of course not! I’m rather looking forward to it!”


I was the kind of person who would fall for such ridiculous provocations….

Oh, jeez! If I’m going to do this job, I’m going to make it a success.


After all, I was a villainess.

There was nothing I couldn’t do.


I inhaled deeply.

Victor looked at me and opened the door.


Just as I was about to take my first step in, I felt a jolt in my hip and fell forward.


For a moment, I didn’t understand what had happened.

I slowly turned towards Victor, glaring at him as hard as I could.


“Well, good luck with that.”


He grinned and slammed the door shut.


No way.

What a ridiculous prince.

He knew I was a lady, so how could he kick me from behind


He had no delicacy, I knew he didn’t have any!


“Who are you”


I heard a voice, neutral but recognizably male.

I reflexively stood up.


What should I do about this situation If I ran away now, the prince would make fun of me, and it wouldn’t be right to say I was brought here by force by the second prince…


“Is it perhaps the new caretaker”


A blond man with long hair appeared from the back of the room.

His hair was pulled back in a half-up-do, allowing me to see his lovely face.

His yellow-green eyes, glistening and dazzling in the sunlight….


Why did he send me to the First Prince


Did he want me to spy on him Oh, jeez! Explain a little more! That idiot prince!


“What’s your name”


He asked with a gentle smile when I didn’t say anything.


He seemed more cheerful than Victor.

It was hard to believe that he was the older brother of that temperamental little brother.


“My name is Ria.”


“Ria, nice to meet you.

I am Vian, the first prince of Ravaal Kingdom.”


He sounds calm and collected.


I was prepared to be yelled at for suddenly coming into the room without knocking…


Why did Victor hate him so much when he was such a gentle brother Could it be that brothers tend to get on bad terms when it comes to the throne


But there could be a possibility that he could be a black-hearted person despite his gentle appearance, so I had to be careful….


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