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“So who are we going to target That fat guy”


Mel crawls into the bushes, her eyes darting about.


Only Duke was left standing as she forced us to sit in the bushes, leaning forward to look for a target.


It was pointless for us to hide.


“Oh, what about the glasses guy over there Or that bookworm girl sitting over there”


“First, they must be someone who is smitten with Liz.”


Mel gasped at Henry’s words and stuck her tongue out a little.


“Maybe you’d like to become a blind follower”


“Well, the only way to break the spell would be for you to think more clearly than Liz, right”


“Perhaps it’s better to start with the hard mode first because once we’ve unlocked someone who believes strongly in her, the rest will be easy.”


“Right, that’s true.”


“Well, I guess I should go for that fitness-oriented redhead after all.”


Mel interrupted the conversation between Henry and me.

She pointed out Eric, who was with another student.


He stood out because of his large stature.

He was helping a female student in carrying a large number of books.


… When you look at him this way, he appears to be nothing more than a nice guy.

But he always directed his outrageous hostility toward Alicia.


However, I felt that the hostility of the Liz faction of the student council members toward Alicia eased when they found out that the king had given Alicia a “villainous role”.


“Eric, he seems to be a bit of a pain in the neck”


Henry muttered as he looked at him.


“Who’s going to call out to him”


“I’ll go.”


Mel’s words are interrupted by a voice from behind.


…eh, Duke


I couldn’t picture Duke and Eric talking to each other.


I knew Duke wouldn’t fail, but I still asked him if he was sure about this.


“I’ll figure it out.”


He always performed flawlessly, without the slightest hint of fear.

He really was the textbook definition of a prince.


With this in mind, I watched Duke as he walked towards Eric.


He drew the attention of all the students nearby the moment he stepped out of the bushes.


I knew that it was impossible to take one’s eyes off that charisma, even if he was called a mad prince.


As a prince, he must have felt a lot of pressure to have so many people staring at him all the time.

There must have been hardly any time to take a break.


Alicia was the only one who could heal him in such a situation.

He would do anything for that woman, right


“The constant yammering has subsided, but he still gets so much attention, it’s hard on him.”


“It’s good that Duke has Alicia.”


“I want Aliali all to myself too!”


Mel didn’t care that Henry and I were speaking in hushed tones and began shouting loudly.


We desperately covered her mouth so as not to be noticed by those around us.


Mel was always the only one who wasn’t worried about what was going on.


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