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“Did you want to save the world Or did you want Duke to pay attention to you”


Liz Cather stiffened at my question.


Both Henry and Duke remained silent, waiting for her to speak.

I’d also like to know what she really thinks.


I ‘m sure she just wanted to fall in love with Duke and be liked by him, and that she wanted to use her rare ability to bring peace to the world.


But we were not mind readers.

We cannot possibly know about the burdens that people carry deep in their hearts.


“…I wanted to be Duke’s wife and bring peace to the world because I was greedy.

But you know what”


She paused for a moment to take a breath.


“Duke is important.

I’d be in love with him even if he wasn’t a prince.

I hate to say it, but I’ve never had a hard time when I felt like I was dying.

I was born a commoner and could have run a bakery for the rest of my life.

I could have been happy without having these special abilities.

I was happy with the world I was in, and I never felt that this world was unfair to me.”


“Then why did you want to make the world peaceful”


“Because I thought it was my role.

I thought it was my mission as a saint.

So I decided to advocate for equality and the abolition of impoverished villages.

But I didn’t act on it.

Maybe I didn’t really want to change the world that passionately..”


Watching Liz Cather speak so openly made her appear more human.


I had always been creeped out by her, but now I felt a little more at ease with her.


“But now that I think about it, it’s possible that everything I’ve worked so hard for has been centered on Duke.

I wanted him to see me.

Perhaps it was because I wanted him to think I was different… Just like Alicia had said, I benefited from the fact that not everything in the world is created equal.”


“It’s okay to have impure motives when you are putting in your efforts.

I’m only working hard for Alicia’s sake.”


I consoled Liz Cather a little.


This was not her casting a spell or charm on me.

I really mean it.

It was a small joy for the saintly woman, who was far from being perfect and innocent.


“I was so full of myself.

I hated Alicia-chan,who always seemed to have plenty of time and energy and, above all, was liked by Duke.

I wanted to be the opposite of her, and Alicia was simply getting in the way.

I never wanted to be friends with her.”


Liz was now somewhat resigned and let all her true feelings out.

We watched her in silence as she became more and more desperate.


She must have been in a lot of pain because she had been suppressing so many emotions for so long.

The saint never showed her hatred.

She could only keep her bad feelings bottled up inside her heart.


“Many people love me, but no man ever looks at me, and now they say Alicia might have died because of me! I am an ordinary baker’s daughter! I didn’t know anything about the aristocratic world.

No one told me what they do!”


“Liz, I’m sorry.”


Duke’s calm voice brought tears to Liz Cather’s eyes again.


“You are the last person I would want to hear an apology from.”


Her trembling voice echoed quietly in the room.


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