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Lets see, what do I need….

I stuff bandages, salve, a bottle full of clean water, and the macarons that Albert-Oniisama had given me into a small bag.

All thats left is fever reduction medication.

Ill have to visit the town for that though…..

I glance over at the clock on the wall and see that its 2 AM.

Its already that late….. I guess I should just go to sleep for now.

The moment I decide that, I collapse onto the bed, still fully clothed and am asleep almost instantly.

“Alicia-Sama~” I hear Rosetta calling me.

Shes so noisy for first thing in the morning.

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Ah, why is she here She usually doesnt come to wake me up……

I crack one eye open and look at clock.

…..What 10 Oclock

My eyes fly wide open in surprise, completely leaving behind any traces of tiredness.

How could this happen I havent slept in even once for the past three years…..

Even sword practice would have long since concluded by now.

Wouldnt it have been okay for her to come wake me up a bit earlier

Though, I cant really blame Rosetta….

Waking up on time is my own responsibility.

I change my clothes as quickly as I can, grab some money, and then Im out the door of the house in record time.

The moment Im outside, I rush to the stables, straddle my horse, take hold of the reins, and urge her to head towards the town.

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Once I had arrived, I go straight towards the plant nursery and slowly open the door.

Ahh, this place really does give off such a comfortable atmosphere.

The air is so fresh and clear….

I wouldnt even mind if I stayed here for the rest of my life.

“Welcome~” Paul-san says, walking towards the front of the shop.

The moment he comes forward, the atmosphere of the whole room turns even more gentle and affectionate as if the plants are overjoyed at his presence.

“Alicia! What brings you here” he asks me, appearing rather surprised that I had come here by myself this time.

“Id like to purchase some Josiah.”

“Josiah Does someone have a fever”

….Isnt Paul-san was rather close with my brothers

If I lie, Im sure to be caught right away.

Seeing me hesitate to answer, Paul-san smiles kindly at me.

“Here,” he says, handing the Josiah grass to me.

“I wont ask for the reason.”

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At his words, I reflexively stiffen.

But I quickly snap out of my surprise and gratefully take the bag from his hands.

Paul-san really is an adult.

What wonderful maturity.

And despite being a noble, he even decided to open this lovely plant nursery!

“Um, how much…..”

“Its on me today.

Just think of it as a reward for knowing so much about Chad last time,” Paul-san says, smiling at me.

In this lifetime I may be living out my dream as a villainess, but I think in my next life I would like to be reborn as someone like Paul-san.

“Thank you very much.”

I give him a deep bow and then walk out of the shop.


T/N: I dont know if any of you noticed, but I often thought it seemed weird that there wasnt any spaces marking time gaps in the previous chatpers….

Turns out there was, but with the way I was copying and pasting my translations they were getting removed.

Sorry about that!! I hope that didnt cause too much confusion! From here on out, Im going to be more careful to make sure that they get included.

This content is taken from lightnovelworl_d.com


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