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The moment I get home, I confine myself to the library.

Ive decided that today Im going to search for magic books in earnest….

until night falls if I have to.

I check every bookshelf, every nook and cranny, but I still cant find anything.

I look up at the ceiling out of frustration and then suddenly the books on the second floor come into my view.

Thats right, I forgot! There were books on the second floor too….

I had initially been planning to read all of the books on the first floor before heading up, but just how many years would that end up taking me

I try going up the steps and taking a look around, walking over to the bookshelf closest to the stairs.

……Seriously Arent all of these books about magic To think that it would have been this easy…..

If only I would have thought to look on the second floor from the very beginning…..

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What an overwhelming feeling of regret…..

I dont even have to think about what I should do next.

Instantly, my hand is reaching for a book that contains the methods for how to use level 1 darkness magic.

I open it up to the first page and roughly scan over its contents.

『Level 1 Anyone who possesses magical power will be able to utilize these spells.』

Doesnt that mean that I should be able to use them right now

I wonder… if Im able to learn all the magic up to level 100 before going to the magic academy, would I even have to attend

Though, in my case, since I want to bully the heroine, I would still end up going anyway.

Since the academy lasts for five years, by the time I can attend, doesnt that mean the heroine will already be in her last year

Alicia is quite the audacious child, being able to bully a senior student as only a freshman.

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I excitedly turn to the next page in the book.

……Magic to make things float.


Somehow, I feel kind of nervous.

This is the first time in both of my lives that Im using magic….

But for now, lets just try it out.

『Imagine the object floating in the air, and then rub your middle finger and thumb together fast enough to produce a sound.』

What a sloppy description.

When it says to rub your fingers together fast enough to make a sound, its just saying to snap your fingers, right …..I think

I lay the book down on the shelf and take a deep breath.

What should I do if it doesnt work I dont want to fail right from the start….

But I close my eyes tightly anyway and imagine the book starting to float into the air.

Simultaneously, I snap my fingers.

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Hm That was a surprisingly crisp sounding snap.

I very slowly peek my eyes open and see the book floating lightly in the air right in front of me….!

…..It was a success

Yes! I did it! I used magic!

Its not an illusion.

Theres no strings attached.

This is real magic!

I can already cast easy spells! I thought they would have been harder to use.

Though, I suppose this is only level 1 magic.

At lightning speed, I read through all the pages that pertain to magic levels 1~5.

Essentially, it seems that magic is just the combination of imagination and desire….

Alright! Now that Ive memorized all the spell-casting methods, I just need to try them out and get some practical experience with them.

For now, lets just practice them like crazy.

From spells that seem easy to spells that seem nearly impossible for me to use, I try them all.

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Magic to cut paper, magic to style hair, magic to whiten teeth, magic to cut nails, magic to move objects…..


I completely lose track of time as I try each spell over and over again.

I go through all of the level 1~5 spells in the book and after just a day of practice, Ive already become proficient at each of them.

That seems like pretty decent progress

….Is what Id like to think, but if were talking about just level 5 magic, anyone would be able to use it easily.

So just this much progress is like saying that I havent really started.

But even if thats the case, Alicia really does have great potential.

I keep thinking that if only she had tried a little harder, then she would have easily reached even greater heights of villainy….

Like Im going to do.

Her lack of effort just strengthens my resolve to become a villainess that wont lose to the Alicia from the game.

“Alicia-Sama~” I hear Rosetta call from far away.

Oh! Its time for dinner! Great.

Im starving.

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At a half run, I head off to the dining room.

After Alicia had left, a light breeze blows into the library from an open window, turning the pages of the magic book.

Moonlight illuminates the notes written on the page.

『Magic will become attainable at 13 years of age.』



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