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T/N: Hello, hello~ Sorry for the impromptu break! I ended up getting a job, so as I was adjusting to my new schedule, I was a bit too tired to feel like translating -_- But Im back! I cant promise that releases will be as quick, but I will do my best!!

Also, before I get to the chapter, Id like to thank Joaquina, Mabel, and Karima for the cookies!! Theres nothing like coming home from work and relaxing with sweets ❤ Thank you!!

Ugh, it hurts…..

I wonder if I caught some sort of bug from Gilles.

My throat is on fire, my stomach feels nauseous, and Im sweating non-stop.

Im definitely sick.

But could I seriously have been infected with something after such a short amount of time

No, wait, maybe I could….

My immune system probably isnt used to the viruses and bacteria in that village, so I guess it could make sense.

“Alicia, everyones come to visit~” I hear Alan-Oniisama call from the other side of my bedroom door.

I wonder if Im hallucinating now, or if hes actually there.

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I try to answer, but my voice wont come out.

My throat hurts too much.

Am I….

Am I going to die like this….

“Alicia, are you there”

I hear the subtle scrape of the door opening.

At the sound, I dimly look in Alan-Oniisamas direction, feeling faint.

“Alicia!! Are you okay!”


Certainly not.

And please dont yell.

My head is already killing me.

I groan and look imploringly at Alan-Oniisama for help.

“Somebody!!” Alan-Oniisama cries, sending another painful stab through my head.

Please stop.

That hurts!

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The vibration of footsteps shakes my bed ever so slightly as a number of people come running into the room.

It might not be strong, but just this much movement makes me feel even more sick, you know…

“Whats wrong” I hear Albert-Oniisama ask.

Ugh, I cant keep my eyes open anymore.

They fall shut as I crumple back onto the bed, completely exhausted.

“Alicias got a super bad fever.”

“Ali-chan does Even with that gorilla-like vitality of hers!”

Congratulations, Curtis-Sama.

Youve provoked a villainess… and it was very effective.

“Lets take her temperature for now,” Albert-Oniisama calmly recommends, placing a hand on my forehead.

“102.2 degrees…..”

Huh How did he measure my temperature With magic

Wait, now that I think about it, I feel like there was a spell for that.

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When I first read about it, I wondered what it could be used for, but I guess this is one such time when it comes in handy.

“Thats quite a high fever,” I hear Duke-Sama remark.

“If I recall, didnt we have some Josiah in the storeroom” Albert-Oniisama wonders aloud, and I almost dont want to believe my ears.

Seriously…. We already had Josiah in the house Then what was the point in me going all the way to the town for it!

…..As my stress rises, it becomes difficult to breathe.

Each new breath I take sends lancing pain surging throughout my body.

“Ali, are you okay”

“Alan, go get some Josiah from the storeroom.”

“For now, I think we should all leave the room.”


Though its not like wed get sick from being in here anyway.”

Ahh, I cant tell whos talking anymore.

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But I would certainly appreciate it if they would all just leave.

I had no idea that just someone having a conversation near me could be this painful.

Speaking of, didnt one of them say something odd

Something like they wouldnt get sick from being in here But why Why am I the only one suffering from this bug

….Its no use.

I cant even think straight.

Its appalling for a villainess to show others her moments of weakness, but I think in this sort of situation, it really cant be helped!

I feel bad enough to die!

Ive never felt this run-down ever since I was born.

The aftermath of Albert-Oniisamas Spartan sword practices cant even compare to how tired I feel right now.

As Im thinking this, without even noticing, I fall asleep.

I wake up with a start to the door banging open.

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My headache feels a thousand times worse now.

It feels like someone is bashing it in with a hammer… Like they are trying to smash it to pieces.

I… Am I really going to die like this…..

I wasnt able to live for a long time during my previous life either, and now this time Im going to die at only 10 years old This is just cruel.


Stop! Dont give up!!

Youre going to become the best villainess that this world has ever seen! A villainess that goes down in history!

And you havent even met the heroine yet!

….But even with all that self-encouragement, the pain is still there.

How am I supposed to get through this

But wasnt that the door just now I wonder who came in.

I very barely manage to peak one eye open.


New novel chapters are published on lightn_ovelworld.com

Although faint, I feel like I can just barely make out the blue of his hair.


T/N: While I was on break, a couple people have commented that they appreciate the comments section for this series.

I believe the words used were “wholesome” and “fluffy” XD I just wanted to mention it cause I appreciate it too!! I am always blown away by how knowledgeable and nice all my readers are!! Thank you!! You guys make translating this series that much more enjoyable ❤


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